Monday, March 2, 2009

I Got It Back!

I woke up feeling great and excited as if this was the very first time going to college a year ago. woke up even before my mom came up to wake me up. cause i was quite sleepless as i was appearance-phobia and place-phobia.

I jump right outta my bed and wind up the window and took a deep deep breathe, and sigh peacefully because i love the fresh scent of morning dew and prayed that it would be a great day today, not sunny and hot and sticky to the body, certainly please do not rain.
since i was so contented and happy jolly, i manage to get ready within 20 minutes and was eagerly waiting for the rest of them to get ready and get going.

*after dropping brother to his school*

As soon as mummy turned to the corner of the toll, i nearly fainted seeing that the traffic is as packed as i am looking at gazillion little red butt ants, all waiting in line to get a hold of the honey at the end of the line...and we were stucked there for a jolly good 30minutes~what turf
I was out at 6.45 a.m and i reached college at 9 a.m, that is inclusive of using the Monorel, the one big round walk to KL Sentral and then the LRT and lastly the one bus to my college.what turf

My class starts at 1 p.m today but i dread using the KTM so i opt to go out early and am not crazy la... so ended up doing what i do best every single time i sits at the Canteen 2 and that is daydreaming + looking at passerby + giving comments from up till down! LOL~ bad habit sia~
and FINALLY, the clock struck 12.30 p.m and we head to class. so while waiting for thy new teacher...

took this picture to actually want to see myself cause my friend said that i looked chubbier fatter than the last time she saw me. and when i kau tim taking this picture, she said picture can really see cause you shrink your face!@@ i was like what turf, where got shrink la?! T-T
and i admit that i got chubbier fatter cause it is impossible to not be chubby during holidays!*winks*

arh~ the good old notes that they give out to all, around 130++ students!
have you all heard about softcopy la!? what turf! this is like so wasting trees lo wokey?! cause who the heck cares about this when they have soft copies...

she got departed with her darling internet for 5 weeks and she was playing Maple at thy canteen! what turf! all looked our way!@@

So finally Mr.Loh you love me? came in and i think he is going to be a great teacher but what the heck, i waited for like freaking 3 -4 hours for this 2 hour lecture but he ended it in mere 1 hour! i really feel like giving him a punch of 'Sek Zhi Gei'!
It was only 2 p.m and still too darn early so we went to Mamak...

and according to Mr. Christopher Edbert Leonardi, a mama stall is a place where people goes to and ENLARGE PENIS! lol what turff roflmao!!
ok~by the way he is an Aussie so Aussies don't have a clue what a Mamak Stall is...
'Dear, Mamak Stall is a place where people come and eat Malay-Indian food la'

then i headed down to the LALA-EST place ever in town and that is none other than Times Square! and i waited for mummy there for more than 1 hour. and i was sitting at this higher ground looking down at all those 70% discount item!drool

and when i lifted my head up, i saw thy shop cause mummy wants to get something there, so shopping spree!! wheee~~ yeay~~

and i bought this 2 mascara and i don't bloody care this is made in China or Korea cause this mascara is damn good!
AngelKein, i used this mascara the other day and that explains the length of thy eyelash!

p/s:: the weather is like hell today and i sweat gila-ly and i hate it!


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