Sunday, March 15, 2009

Excited Vox

Nothing really special happen to me today. I kinda realize that my life is actually very stagnant now that i am now only at the 1/3244652 part of my project 365. and i am near to giving up doing that. But then again, i would still need to blog everyday right? Cause i feel that blogging is a disease. If you don't do it one day, your sickness will never ever cure and it might even get worse. I often find myself thinking,"How good it is that i have a smaller version of lappie, Sony perhaps, that i can bring every where i go and do my post, and then post it up when i have internet connection.." that would be blissful, huh!?

My inspiration and the need to blog comes at unrightful times and times when i am not having pen or pencil, let alone laptop. I have sudden urges to blog while i am in the LRT which i have to sit for 12 stations before i reach my college, the urge to blog when lectures, and if i can, i would even want to blog/go online while i have 'Victoria moments' in the toilet! lol what turf.
I would always think that, 'oh, ok.. as soon as i get back i would immediately blog about this so that i would not forget" and i will forget all about it as soon as i wait for Streamyx to connect! arrh~cause to me blogging is my online diary, not a private one cause you all read ma right?! ROFLMAO.

i spent my entire day after church today doing my Web Page Design. and i got really frustrated over it and also the missing-ness of my Messenger Live Plus(or what ever it's name), and i hate the very old Messenger which i have not use before. I was a MSN, the not the oldest version user before i change to the Plus. and i don't know what my cousin did to it. and i bet she uninstall it or what the shit. haix~
anyone whould like to help me out??
pretty pleeaassee~~*big wet puppy eyes*

And i went to sleep at 2 a.m this morning and i need to wake up for church at 6a.m. which means i only had 4 hours of not so beauty sleep and no wonder the back of my head is thumping and it feels like the veins of it are being pull by invisible hands. I am so tired yet exited.
Cause i have no class tomorrow, my Sir weds, according to him which i doubt cause he already had a wedding ring and tons of baby's pictures..
maybe he wants to go Bali and start a new life and family! lolwhat turf!

So, tomorrow is a shooping day/meet up with NS friends day/buying new desktop day/me spending money day/i want to get new i-Pod day/i am going to get my 18th birthday present day/i want to get a new tee day/i have to finish up my WPD day/....



p/s:: ohmyfgod! i dreamt about him again!and i don't want it to come true! i don't want to see him ever evvveerr again! he is nothing but a leech sucking all my happy things in life!!


Jeffro said...

If you stop blogging, I'll spam your MSN everyday!

Voxy said...

@Jeff::lol~dun talk about msn la!my plus hilang ntah ke mana~*cries on ur shirt*

Jeffro said...

awwwwh.. *sayang Voxy* Well you can download the MSN *oopss* from the net.. it's free and it's easy.. =D if you wan the, i can give u the link for it, to direct download.. ^^

Voxy said...

@Jeff:i duno why i cant download tht too~haix~i ephic fail la~

Jeffro said...

LOL can't download? wrong site?
try from different different sites.. =D

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