Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Away For A Little While~ El... El...

Hey people, me now from college. i wont't be going online tonight cause cause cause cause my 'hubby' going to be reformated!


So, my Project 365 will be on hold for today sahaja!
*pats on Blog Stalker*


Jeffro said...

Wootza~ Finally, someone's getting her precious a "makeover", hahaha xD

fluotone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fluotone said...

Perhaps the "precious" couldn't take it already.. haha!

No worries! we excuse you for a day.. we understand that every project has its hiccups :) btw, who is the lucky stalker who gained so much popularity on a sudden rush? not to mention the "priceless" pat lol~

Voxy said...

@Jeffro:: ahahaha~~i got it back already!!! omg! im so happy! not it so new, so new that i barely know "him" anymore! lol what turf

@oh hey floutone:u like my blog alot hor??lol what turf~just joking.. cx i tot no one would comment here except for the title-gained 'Blog Stalker'
lol what turf~
u see for urself la who comment most..
and that 'precious pat' thing sounds so wrong!

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. coool.. you finally got him back.. *winks*

fluotone said...

err *scratches head*

well I would like to point out that I actually used the word "priceless" pat Vic and not "precious" pat (well at least we agree on one thing, "precious" sounds extremely out of place! hehe).. I know old age is creeping up on you, eyes getiting a bit blurry(unless you think its the screens fault of course) ms.blurcase~ :p

I think it's better if I let others to post more and become the most comments poster and have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be titled "Blog Stalker" *wink* (which basically means I'll be dropping by less often from now on)

P.S: as "hectic" as you descibed it to me when I asked you today.. hope all is well with your studies at TARC and I'm glad your laptop is all up and running :) have a good weekend ya..

how did vox got who back mate?? I'm glad you found some kind of amusement for yourself and by all means continue to post more comments allright *wink* :)

cheers!~ and have blessed weekend guys & girls & ..err (vic's laptop? lol~)

Voxy said...

omg! thats so so so so long that i don't even get anything that you had just posted here!

but it seems that ure a bit mad or ure just plain busybody cx~seriously, if i read and got what you meant in which i dun get it 100%, so i dun wna make my own conclusion in which i also duno what conclusion should i make..

bla bla bla~
im blurred myself too! lol what turf

@Jeffro::huhuhu!! wee~i got my man back! lol what turf!*hugs*

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. well don't misunderstand.. imma referring to her lappie, which she had mentioned about.. *whispers to Floutone* She treats the lappie as a guy.. Yeah man.. a male lappie.. =D

@Voxy: Yeah i know you got your man back, so back to "business" i suppose? =)

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