Friday, March 13, 2009

Tired Vox *now irritated*

Today was suppose to have no class but i guess we had a lil' class of our very own huh peeps??*winks* lol what turf~that sounds kinda wrong but we had HTML-FIGURING class people... ngehehe~

Ohmygod! seriously, all those Html nearly made me feel like pulling out all strands of hair that are on my head and dig out my brain and give it a good massage and good stretch of wakeup-ness!what turf~and this morning was such a nice condition to be all snuggled under the heavy cotton-made blanket.

*after 30minutes of fighting trojan!*what turf

now i have got no mood to do this post and my 365 project of today needs to be on hold again! what turf! everytime i plug in my pendrive to my college's COMPUTERS! and i meant all the computers that are in the compound and owned by my college are bloody infected with worms!(trojan)
and now the bloody wormy ran to my memory card for my phone and it is still lingering somewhere in drive c! what turff~

infected phone means no picture, no picture means i need to held my project unless u want to read loads of words and start imagining, and when you do that my blog would be a bored and long breathe as if i want to write a book, and when that happens no one will read it anymore, and when that happens i will be so boring of blogging and might stop, and if that did not happen i might go and open another blog account in which i would rather not blog, and when that happens, i feel that i am so longwinded now as if i am doing myself a practice if my hand phone is not fixed and not pictures to see and i have to beg mummy to buy a camera for me since camwhoring is my part time.. and bla bla bla..

fcuk! the bloody trojan babi worm thingy is out again!
super knnccb!!!!

i want to blog! super knnccb punya trojan babi worm!!!!!!!


Jeffro said...

don't you have an antivirus or something? kaspersky, avg, bitdefender, avira, panda, eset nod32, etc.. so many, go download and use it.. =D

littlecicak said...

There was one period my college's computers are infected as well, it took them some time to completely clear everything. Haha, go complain to your technical assistant in lab.

Voxy said...

@Jeff:of course i got all those, i meant i use avast but u think is so easy to catch this trojans?sonce i know nothing bout em~huhu

@cicak:i complain already but but but~they still have not done anything to em!

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: Ooo.. you using avast? a word of advise, DITCH avast, switch to others that I've mentioned.. BETTER+SAFER = SOLVE TROJAN problems *winks*

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::really?omg! who should i listen too la~
my cuzzie and jackie say tht avast is good and i have been using avast aso before format.

haix~i shall leave it as it is now~haix~

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: lol.. i'm familiar with anti-viruses, as my friends and I, are massive users.. i'm not sure about what they've said about avast, but i'm pretty sure, it sux badly..

Voxy said...

omg! then jeff!how??haix~i duno how to kacau all this stuffs! u help me arh!!

Jeffro said...

lol.. first of all, what sort of trojan is in your comp? any symptoms? like often restart, or many files opening simultaneously? anything?

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