Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yesterday or Today or Never?

Ok the title damn lame cause i have no idea what to put there and i just realized that i misplace and mistaken that 29th was the 30th and today is the 31th! ok wait, now is the 31th cause now is 12.08a.m and yes, i procrastinated at blogging again. haix~


Although i am blogging at the 31th, i am actually blogging about my 30th cause i was tired just now and i was rushing my tomorrow's presentation assignments, yes last minute is my thing cause i do things better and more efficiently during the last wee hours in the morning.

Today was such a wasteful time and day for me cause i heated up the chair and enlarged my arse to don't know how many inches now for almost 4 hours! at the hot and stuffy canteen cause i was wearing shorts and no human with short shorts are allowed into the library although i have no idea why is that so and rather let us die out there!
I waited for 4 hours just for the 2 hour lecture and heck, lecture ended it like half and hour earlier. haix~ waste time right? and in case you wander why the heck am i so early there, just so you know, i HAVE TOO! Orelse i would not be able to make it on time to the lecture, yes even lecture also i go. cause i am stupid so i need to attend classes and cannot skip like how almost 50% of the student do and yet they still score! what turf!

So class ended early and i still need to wait for mummy to be off duty cause i am lazy to be on the same bus with loads of banglas! LOL~
Borders will always be the place for me to bunk in whilst waiting for mummy!

My all time favorite section! the young adult section. but i don't dig lovey dovey romance stories instead i go fof this~~

RAWWWRR!! Spooky and thriller and horror books me is like and me is crazy for it!

i is reading then the guard snap snap pictures of me!!
eek! no la~LOL~ i camwhored! LOL~

You know what! i realized i fat already! what turf~just so to prove!

see!!! the double layered thingy down there!!! fuah!!!
ephic phailed at being emo!

Presentation tomorrow!!! oops~i meant today at 2p.m something!! wish me lucks!

p/s::i lazy to beautify my pictures, so please appreciate my "natural beauty"LOL~


fluotone said...

I laughed seeing the last picture :p lolx!

Voxy said...

@Floutone::ure suppose too! for whatever reason that you should keep to yourself too~Hope i brighten up ur day!


fluotone said...

LOL in a melanchonly kind of way yes it did :p

Voxy said...

^^ thankx fer reading yea~

fluotone said...

are u kidding?? I wouldn't miss it for the world o_O hehehe.. thanks for writing.. hehe

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