Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Of Two Days


Today was my first day of presentation for this third semester which is also my last semester before we call it a "day" for my first year! oh my god! how time flies! *blinkblink* and *poof* I am now 19 years old! what turf! I am olded! LOL~

Presentation went smoothly i guess?! Well, it went smooth for me and my part though.After all the shopping and onlining and lazing around instead of preparing for the presentation, i'd rate myself good and pats own back for the good job! LOL~self praising is hateful, i know and i don't mind you hate me!xp

Right after my college for today, i rushed and hurried to my hotspot to meet up with mum so that she can drive me to UCSI for the Easter celebration that their Uni's CF group held and it was called REDEEMED! what a powerful name and meaning to it!
In case the one who invited me was wondering, I really really enjoyed myself though i have to sit there alone with people i don't quite know, but we click well at last so i had great time and fun there and i don't feel left out! It has been quite some time since i join something "Youthful" what turf~ but i am not that old la~
Indeed, i was more REVIVED than REDEEMED actually! LOL~
I took few pictures, it is sucky cause lauya phone so people don't condemned my picture or else i go RAAAWWWWRRR!!!xp

their hall, not as big as ours but it is nice! at least they don't use hedge old air cons that don't even give out winds like my college does! LOL~

their stage and all the chunted musical instruments! oh my god! how i wish my college provides us with all this! a big olympic swimming pool is something and i should not ask for more but i would rather choose instruments than to swimming pool!
but~if the swimming pool is indoors, then i might need to think twice! LOL~

the lead singer with the guitar, two back ups and the rest of the dance performers.
One word, SUPERB!

and this! is my buddy! which is also the Star of the day, the Diva of the day and this is none other than Mr. Mariah Kuan a.k.a Kelvin Kuan! LOL~
He plays the role of a boy who seems to be good in everything, a straight marks scorer, the best of the best of guys and the most diligent guy in class, but he never seemed to be great enough for other people. People measures him like literally with a tape(joking)and rates him. The ending was he tried to kill himself but he was REDEEMED by the Saviour!
I love the last sentence:
"I am Redeemed cause i found You!"

arh!how can no camwhore pictures of me right! lol what turf!
and so this is Racheal, the girl i met there and she is super friendly/super funny/super bimbo/super pretty/super young.. ok she is super in everything and if she were my sister, i'd love her to the very last bits!

Summary:: I enjoyed REDEEMED 09' and i hope to go to the 2010 if they have it! LOL~


Oh my god. March came and went so fast that the character The Flash needs to be ashamed and go hide somewhere. And luckily i enjoyed my last days of March so that would be more than enough to leave something in my mind about March 2009 as it comes only once in a lifetime.

I got a new buddy! Want to see? She is so cute i tell you! She loves and wears pink like how i am starting too, like pink and all but i am still not the girly girl girl type! I am still me, still Vox, still Rawring around!

Intro-ing Pinky!!! yes, she is my new keychain and she will be sticking with me and hanging out with me for quite sometime now cause i really take good care of her and i rub her back and she rub mine! lol~ we had great time staring blankly into each others eyes and smile the small-mouth smile! LOL~ and she has got a twin but she goes with my another besttie and Pinky's twin name is Boobie Eyes! lol what turf right!

Ok la~after all the crap, i actually bought that at my school canteen booth and i thought of buying three cause i have two bestties but they only had two and no more stock! stupid right! how they want to do business, i have no idea! so we bought another cute msn monkey for me another besttie.

Hm~WPD small test conjured today and i finally realized that i am not that such a noob that i thought i was! *pheww*
But i was like hey i know this syntax but hey with what kind of attribute does this goes with oh what turf~ but i handled it anyway with a little bit of help with they sly thingy! LOL~you geddit it don't you huh?!xp

Nothing special today cause my mind is still attached to the event i went the day before and i am tired to the max and my feet hurts cause was in heels 24 hours yesterday! really 24 hours i tell you! And i realized my blog is getting suckier by the day and i am impressed that people still come and read ot see see also i don't mind!
So~thankx you all! but do and feel free to leave comments at every below of the post, i accept critiscisms! what ever la~i don't even know whether i spelled that wrong or no!

Another presentation tomorrow and that would be the last one for semester 3! and i would be getting a step closer to finals and a step closer to become 20! Omg, Olded!! haix
I don't want to Grow Up!

Ok la~i camwhore again tomorrow! LOL~Toodles then!
Stay tuned for my boring posts! LOL~


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