Saturday, April 25, 2009

Victoria's Secret Revealed!


Do you all want to know about this?

Lol what turf! I don't use that by the way, not that very rich to use that product! I wander who does this baby belongs too~ LOL~


Finally ended my finals! I feel that it is easy this time around compared to the last two semester because mathematics has and will always be my biggest most ferocious enemy that i could never ever conquer and shall only be conquered! what turf!

Today's last paper was Web Page Design*wait! what turf i saw some hansamu sumimasen-ing!*and no doubt, this is the most "what turf, I-dont-care" paper of all time by all students cause it spells nothing more than EASY. Ok, if KACANG is accepted, then make it spells two words! LOL~ The reason i said that was because in just mere 45 minutes from the time the paper starts, there are already people walking out of the hall obviously all done with the paper and i am still at question 2 of three question! what turf lo this people! Lol~

Knowing the kiasu me, cause my two most closest peeps went out too and were all done, but i don't know whether is it just pass or flying color papers, but i am all alone there! so i hurried what i delayed cause i thought i should buy some time by day dreaming and i thought i was the fastest among the lots! Damn! I thought i want to go out earlier and give the "I am smarter than you" look and struts off! Lol~ Nonetheless, i managed to do that but to almost like half of the hall people la damn! Not pop enough! Lol~

Not only am i kiasu, i am kiam siap too! what turf! After the exam today i have to go back alone so i decided to take another route which i have not used before and this route will need me to take the bus, then the commuter and another bus, which is a sum total of RM4.50. The normal route that i take it a long lrt and a commuter and a bus, sums up to RM5. And i did the maths while i was walking like a freaking long way just to reach the commuter under the hot hot sun and realized how stupid i was! To safe up the stupid money, i walked! Real far too~ Nonetheless, i realized what/how Malaysia are very different from other countries and this is what makes Malaysia special.

I see BEGGARS. Everywhere i went, they are just there! Just freakingly standing there, begging for money. When they have legs, arms, limbs, head or what ever you have that makes you not much difference than a normal human being. But all you do is just sit there and, BEG. Even small kids this days are really mounting up to this "Sidewalk Begging" which really just annoys the hell out of me! Call me bitchy, call me heartless, but i just feel like kicking them when ever i walk past one. One with all the abilities la of course! Can't they just go beg for work then to beg for money!! Omg! Even washing plates and all behind restorants are decent job, ok not DECENT but still JOB! I just don't get people.

Malaysia is just too hot! Hot till i am sweating now sitting down! No mood can! Please cool yourself up, Mother Earth!


inkish27 said...

Beggers are too fake
Most of them harm themselves to beg...

Feel free to give a good kick next time

Josh said...

I tot Victoria's Secret always exposed wan? XP

Voxy said...

Ink::LOL~ i have really given it a tot u noe but then again i scare people around me bashed me up sia! lets do it together someday! Lol

joshgor:ok i shud say super super exposed! LOL

inkish27 said...

LOL! haha you are right! they might not think the same way... XD nanti kita pulak yang kena hantam

Voxy said...

Ink::sure we kena wan cx its that their people! seriously, all i see is malay u noe! damn

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