Friday, April 17, 2009

Where is My RotiMan?


I know, I once again missed a post cause i was very very busy last night, on MSN, talking, a bit too absurd, for way too long, with Angelina Jeffro Waye & Kim-possible(i don't know who is this). And they wasted my study time lol what turf.

Early in the morning, sudden pang of needs for Korean dramas hit me and so i spent the whole entire morning and also half of the afternoon watching Spring Waltz on Mysoju.

the stars of Spring Waltz.

I have actually watched this show twice and adding up today would be my third time watching it! Crazy much? But it is nice to watch and the story line is so good and they put a lot of scene where you will go "oh what turf la like that? he should have known is her what!!" when like somehow they are about to say their name but someone comes in the way. You will also go "omg, what happen if this guy knows that this girl is his sister?would he even tell/ask her?" and there, the suspense of the story! I mean, this show is nice lu~ I don't describe it good but it IS GOOD! Go watch! IF it is not good, then you can come here and i shall treat you to something nice! T&C apply* LOL~

And then again, i suddenly thought of this when i was taking the biggest dump in my life! lol what turf~ no la... I was studying half way and hunger pang hits yesterday night so i proceed to the kitchen in search of food! like rat like that what turf. and found no food! actually got food but i don't consume those! I am lactose intolerant and the rack there got this milk chesse cracker, i don't drink coffee either and somehow my mum bought a coffee cake and i don't know about it! Which left me with snacks like those fattening kind of snacks. Eww~so i went hungry and continued MSN-ing what turf!

Seriously, when i was way younger back then, when night comes, there would be this RotiMan, we used to shout shout from inside our house to make him stop whenever we hear his "bibubibubibu" something like that sounds from afar!

Occasionally, still see them in the broad day light when i am on my way home, on the highways. WHY on the highways? Aren't they like suppose to assign one RotiMan to conquer this place and the rest at other strategic places? Cause the Roti AhNehNeh has don't know run to where and made me starve(nearly)to death yesterday night/was it morning?! LOL~

I remembered once this aunty that foster me during working hours when i was like aged 7 - 10, always complained that the RotiMan cheat her of her money for selling her rotten bread, erh~ I meant overdue bread. Cause she said the next two days after the purchase, she would see the fungus/mouldy/bacteria or whatever you call it mushrooming on her white loaf of bread! Then she still eats it she says!what turf lo~where can eat already wan?! I tell you that aunty damn thrifthy/kiam siap one! @@
Now i wonder, did she ever use mouldy/fungus mushrooming dalche to cook her famous dal curry and serve it to me and my brother for our lunch!? If she does, what turf lo~ Ok, i think she did not, cause if so, i would have purged to death right??righht??? RIGHHHTT??

All in all, i have nothing against RotiMan and in fact, i marvel at this thought of using a motor and goes around neighbourhood and selling stuffs. Abit zaman Tamadun Purba but i like it! It makes my life easier right? I don't have to walk 5 minutes to the shop and buy bread last time but NOW!? what turf~



WayeYoung said...

lol! what waste your time :D im sure u learnt alot XD

btw i dunno why your msn not added! i distinctively remember to press accept! zzzz

Voxy said...

Hm~let see what i learn??

I cant say! lolwhat turf

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