Friday, April 3, 2009

A ChildHood Day


Was so darn tired today cause only had 2 and a half hour sleep the night before as i was rushing my assignments that are needed today. talk about last minute, i am the QUEEN i tell you! lol what turf.

And phew, finally! that was the last assignments for this semester and all the presentation that we did this semester got nothing else except for good praises and we are 'Professionals'! LOL~the blissfulness of hearing that after all the sleepless nights that i sacrificed doing assignments and all the arguments and all the disagreements that we all got into just for the good sake of the assignments! How cliche college life can be! Haix~

We had another 3 hour before the next class and weather was as usual, as hot and mighty as ever and we are literally soaking in sweats under our formal dressing code for the day. Well, i am not drenched but my friends are! lol~
So we headed to the nearest mall for the good sake of air-cons and some shopping, some stress release mementos, and also to have our lunch instead of sucky food in college.

Pictures are not available at the moment cause i am still waiting for it and so you have just got to do with wordings for now and then feast eyes on the pictures when/if i ever get it! LOL~
So we went to the Taman Rekreasi which is the arcade. Not those super nice and all adult arcade but 12 years and above arcade! LOL~still playable and i doubt some of the games kiddos knows how to play! No matter how brainy they are, it will still be useless if they aren't tall enough! LOL~
One of me friends tried out the dancing mat the children version and she still sucks at it! Bwahahahaha! Roflmao! LOL! *ahemx*
Next we wanted to play basketball, not the children version mind you, but the blardy aunty said that we can't play either, not even the kids version cause she was blardy taking her own sweet time cleaning up the rings and the deflated balls! Please la~go inflate the basketballs la! Damn lazy and stupid!
So, leaving us no choice and can't loiter around cause we have time restrict, we proceeded to the drum thing! You know the one that is in Japanese and you hit the drum with the chinese stick as you follow the beats showed on the screen. yea that! and i suck! LOLWHAT TURF~
I guess playing the real one and the fake one has it's difference! what the heck i tell you~

After lunch and more shopping, we were more than satisfy with the airy and not-so-hot anymore body temperature and went back to college for lectures.
Sleeps in lectures is me cause i was so damn tired after the walks and the sleepless night caused by some blardy fussy people, ok the end result was i slept throughout the whole lecture, a good two whole hours! I love! LOL~till my contact lens also fall out and got stuck to my shirt! LOL~how eeky and i did not bring my the drip thingy!
Oh well, no eye infection~*praysprays*

That is what happened today! Nothing much and boring kan?Oh well~toodles and stay tuned for the pictures cause a few of them are quite funny if i ever get it!


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