Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vox Is Lameness, Swtness and All The -ness


Oh my god, yea i delay my posting again! hate me love me,no? LOL~

So it was yet again swimming like duh i have to self repeat and please notice i am very schedule oriented for the whole week and i am so expected one what turf. I am never oh hey she did something fun today!how cool!I want to be like her! or eek, she is at another country again today and she was just at*blabla* last week i remember! I want to be like her!
And no, prolly my reader always go what turf swimming again, and if not swimming she will be bitching about her college, how bored! i am never ever going to fucking come here ever again!
I am so sure you all said those, at least in your heart?! right!what turf la cause my ratings drop anc i did not check for the last three weeks

Eh, is the place or country or where ever nice you're laying your butt on to now, is the weather hot?cause i am like dripping sweat and contributing odour to my house! lolwhat turf~ Malaysia is so hot that even hot peoples melt! lol so random and lameness..
Oh~-ness is my new lango now, knnbccb is over! too over rated la that knnbccb! but anyway still my all time fav is what turf!

Arh! lame! cause i don't know what should i post cause i have not been taking pictures lately.
Ok i was chatting with my sister Sarah just now and coincidently we had papaya, i meant she had us at her house and mine at my own house. and she was like "brb, nature calls due to greediness in finishing all the papayas!" and i went "what turf,! mee too~ and i want to go take the biggest dump in my life now, or lets go together!"
Ok lame la~so i shall stop!

Innit so diam! all go music bash then go yumcha and then yumcha again and then camwhore again and then drive home and get lost half way and then and then and then~too much and then!
sienness!! toodles ya all!!!

at 12.48 a.m, i am still not asleep and can someone please kill me with a scissor or something! my meats are hard to be poke into so please get something sharp! i always love last minute rushing cause it is so thrilling what turf! and now so i can't sleep cause one i have not do my assignments like AT ALL and second, i am suppose to be on duty for church for tomorrow or no, it 8 hours from now and i have not prepare my art and craft!

Talk about late huh?who's the Queen now and i still have time to blog! lol what turf~*poof*

editted, again
and yes i am still her sitting, cutting and snipping a big big smiley holding an overly sized guitar and to me it is impersonating the Humpthy Dumpthy that sit on the wall with the same big guitar and it feel right off the wall cause it was too fat! lol no la, i don't know why it falls! maybe saw some leng lui so beh ta han and fell! lol~
My point is i am still here and i can't go to sleep yet!!! urggh! you will see loads of edit! LOL~
*poof* again! and innit people are talking about the Bash non stop!!! urh! beh ta han!

editted again,
Finally at 2 i am all done, not really all done but it does not go according to my plan. i wanted to do what i wanted to do earlier but being the Queen of Last Minute, i have to come up with loads of plan B and C so that i could safe my ass!
After all the snipping i could really feel the fucking smiley was snickering at me! what turf

cut me cut me, cut me more~ oh~~ cut me cut me cut me moreee~

what turf! i hate smileys now~ i had a thing for smileys for the past few months and tried to get anything that looks smiley-ious and has pink back ground unlike the ugly one above! LOL~

I not only cut that smiley la ok what turf! i am lazy but not retarded! LOL~ and yes, i can hold loads of cards nicely in my hands and if you wonder why cause i was the Gambling Queen too! i gamble like siow one and if you play 21 Dim with me you are sure to lose till you left nothing cause i just had got the luck in me! Cho Dai Di i like but not that pro like 21 Dim! LOL~

And end of the whining and FEW edit-ment,

actually got more paper than that! but no la, i low profile better if not next time no company want to hire me cause they would think what turf la this girl, do little bit of things but messed up my whole office like she is some hurricane!

I can finally go to bed now!! Like totalleeyy Finally ya al' and i will just let those hotting people who went to the Bash to relieve their moments today! cause they all deserve it cause they did great post to win it! Congrats and toodles. for real this time!
*i hear my bed calling*


PIC said...

hi..nice blog colour

Jeffro said...

You too sian ady i tell you..

Voxy said...

Pic::thankx and someone thinks that it is horrible and too *bah* at the eyes!!

@Jeffro::omg!!! u all sien la~u shud sit right beside me now and help me snip snip~~ishness!!

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