Friday, April 3, 2009

I Am NoT Asleep

Yeay! this week is like the 5th week of my short semester and oh my how time flies! two more weeks ahead and it will be my finals and then i will end my first year! and when u blink real fast and longer, i would have ended my second year! and when u blink more after that i mgith have just ended my advance diploma! what turf! so fast! and i would be working already!

Can i don't want to grow up?

Ok, not growing up and stays at the same age sucks too cause i can't do what i want when i am young and people tend to ignore small fries and i definitely don't want to be ignore!
But if i grow up, i will miss all the fun cause as you grow older, there are more burdens and responsibilities that are to be made out of you and you will be more than stress than having enjoyment of the life.
What a cliche! i can't choose either!
Wait! can i stop at this age now?? LOL~ cause i quite enjoy my sweet 18 and now 19!

People all around me is either finished studying and now venturing into the working world and so we contact less and it would not be something WOW when we finally stop contacting each other. it's just the matter of time that their responsibilies increase and sucks out their free time and thus sucking out their time to even make ONE phone call to at least 'talk-up'! LOL

Ok i know i am random but i just feel like talking to myself on this spot of my blog so can ignore la wokey?
and and and, people are so unexpected! jewel it seems? jewel nontheless you will get, instead a piece of shit in replace of the jewel you-thought- it-was-there! haix~humanitism, if they have such words! LOL
I amma go turn in now!
Night people!


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