Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tortoise and Me


Today is chores day again and DAMN, isn't today like so DAMN hot! I am now sweating furiously even when i am just sitting here blogging! It should be a well ventilated and cool breeze of winds blowing and surrounding me, instead, i feel that there is this super massively hot oven air engulfing me and sauna-ing me what turf!

The picture above is a turtle sculpture of a tortoise bought from Thailand by my dad. I still remember that he used to rub oil and polished till it gleams and it is meant to bring us wealth. We weren't Christian yet at that time so i kinda believe it and helped gleamed it whenever my dad is busy and missed it. Soon, i grew fond of turtles/tortoise, which to me is the same as long as it has a hard shell and greeny and has claw and has the cutest "I want to tell you story" eyes EVER! And purchased, actually talked my mum into buying a pair of turtles for me. Mum say MUST be a pair! ok what ever~ and i still has them after all this 8 years.

Till today, i AM STILL FOND of turtles and anything that looks like it.
Back to the sculpture, i stopped gleaming it now cause now i think that it is awful scary and it looks awfully ugly to me too! and what a stupid belief! phew~
And as if i hate it so much, i BROKE one side of it's toes! what turf lo~ I don't hate it that much till i want to break it la ok what turf~ It slipped from my foamy hands and went KAPLANG~ and presto~

Eekk! sorry mum! although i have not tell her~arh whatever la~ GODAI! I actually broke two of the toes la dayyum! Now only i realized! what turf~ But i think it looks nicer with the white toes and all instead all round black! Damn scary can!
Thai people should thank me for this new accidental sculpture yuk! LOL~

*sigh* My house got a lot of this weird weird sculptures and pictures cause both my parents used to LOVE this piece of "ART" so much that they are even willing to purchase it from some unknown cina apek who literally and obviously cheat of their money for some small sculptures of pigs, horses, rabbit, monkey and dragons, the chinese horoscopes. Tons of weird looking pictures will overall sums up my house to look like some ancient Museum of China what turf! LOL~

Remember my new BLUE EYES?! Here is it now~ Me Love!

Tral! I love!
Eh jloi! Take this eyes leh~ Not sepet! LOL~

bah! Another one picture of me just to annoy you! what turf you all spammers!!
Lala or no, i STILL and WILL also be BETTER looking than you!
Take it in the face!

Ignore the eye bags yo~


TOLANIC said...

Woah, I got almost the same tortoise too, but very fat already.

Victoria said...

That's a sculpture la~

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