Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Was I Thinking?Or Was It You?


Today is going to be a boring post cause i will be doing an awesome one tomorrow! Lol~so stay tuned yea. Hahaha, this is just like making up losses! Lol~

So today and tomorrow will be a day off from college and exams and on SATURDAY will be the last day of my exams. Yes, you saw it right, it is a Saturday and i still need to go to college and take exams! what turf. Now i am missing holidays so much that i even perspire just by sitting here and blogging and thinking about it. I can't and must no blame the weather for being so hot cause after all it is our doing, right people? and RIGGHHTT you guilty ones that always burn your dumb non-disposable rubbish in any slot of open air that you can find? and also to you smokers out there, huh? Will you all just die if you don't ignite fire/flame/smoke/carbon/what ever that makes global warming for one day!

Sooner or later the earth will definitely go

one day and instantly killing all the things that are in it! see how you will feel then! oh wait~ you ain't going to feel anything too cause you will be dead too! Oh! How blissful, i have to die with people that i hate and and also with another don't know how many million of population people that i do not know and not wish to know!

So Stop creating and worsen Global Warming!!

I think today is going to be "Victoria's Thought" post and i know you would go like i don't care and all but this is what i have really wanted to say this past few days on relatively a few issues.

First of all, i hate pretenders and prolly no one like them either. You just know it you know if your friends or any one close to you and they are lying to you. They will have this silly slightly noticeable pretencious innocent look when you questioned them about it and they will even shift eyes! And i just don't get it why people can't be truthful, even though it hurts others, but wouldn't it be better if you hurt that someone now by you telling him/her than to let him/her knowing it out by themselves? I used and still am very straight-forward kind of person and seriously, if i hate you you will definitely be the first one to know and right on the spot as well, and if you're clever you might be able to detect it too without me hinting or saying it! So why bother talking to you right if i hate you! Waste time!

*sigh* Have not been really on the "huha" happy mode this few days and i don't know why! Exam stresses never make the good out of me and mum's baking every night certainly did me bad. I just don't get it! what has gotten into her? She comes back every night after work and go "Hey let's bake a cake/muffin/cookie tonight!" For the first and second time, really i am excited cause i love finger foods like this too, but later on, it is a tiring thing and she is really making me doing loads of it that i got bored and kinda waste my study time! How can la! Then might as well let me study culinary arts at first right!*sigh* And why she still has this absurd mind set that sitting in office is better than handling pot, woks, knife and pans!? still, i am more a hands on person than a pen-writting person.*sigh* why i never get to do things that i personally wants to do!? Was reading suannT's blog just now and i saw how her parents made her do things that she doesn't like too and i TOTALLY AGREE with her!

Have you ever thought of what i like?Have you even asked before what i love to do?Have you even once sit down and asked what i dream to be when i grow up? Have you even spend a little of your time thinking that hey, this is my life and not yours! Why don't i have the rights to decide on what i want to do? Well, i have been to a kebangsaan school all this while cause you wanted me to when i had wanted girls school all along. I have been learning mathematics hard cause this is what you wanted when all this while i know i have no talents what so ever in this field. You forced me into learning Taekwondo when all i wanted was to continue my ballet and all you have got to say is ballet is no future, Taekwondo is.I did not planned to take Business and you made me too cause you say it is good! Do you even know what i like??

Well, hello, this is MY OWN life~ *sigh*


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