Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Juicy Couture, New Found Love!


For the sake of it, i update! LOL~

Been and should be busy this few days cause finals are next week. Though only three units, nevertheless, they are the tough ones. To me it is. so what turh!

Urh? I skipped tutorial again today. And i heard some one talked bad about me being not enough love and should open up more. LIKe WHAT TURF WAS THAT?
If i am not open-minded, then where all this friends came from?if i am not open-minded enough, would i still be smiling at you and listens to all your craps?if i am not open-minded, then what are you? Every single day, you tried so hard that you eventually become a nozy retard that annoys people's life, trying so hard to find acceptance, trying so hard to make friends and people to like you, trying so hard so that even the slightest most ugly guy in the course would notice you. But, all to prevail! LOL~ and here you are, mirroring me instead of yourself?? @@ =.=

Please godai!

And to the spammers, this is the limelight for you, you want it right?Nah take it! I have too much that i can spare some to you, i don't care whether you're a bitch or a dog, any how any who you sounds like A bitch. No need to hide your identity and goes by two names and i can see that the POOR english standard comes from the same league ofwhorepeople.
Mucha thanks yo~ and i shall post more nails stuffs here so that you will be so fuging angry and while you look at your fugly hands, you feel like chopping it offi hope you do
Anyways, God say love your enemy 70 folds and so i LOVE you spammers! You make my day~
I am not angry but i feel happy and exhilarated seeing those spams, cross my heart and iswear~

Was looking at Juicy Couture's bags and i saw this two! I want! Aku Mau! Wo Yau! Kawaii! whatever whatever~


lagi chun!

I need shopping! Finals in a week time and finishes up in three days!
*tahan Vicky*


samanthacje said...

Ooh I love the pink one!

Voxy said...

Sammie::yea!cute awesome huh!! me love too

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