Thursday, April 9, 2009

The New Thing Causes Trouble


Ooh~the first thing that i thought of blogging now and also realizing that it is past midnight and it is the next day now, i shall say and talked a bit about my new found love of geo lens.

As you all have read in the previous post, i got a new blue lens after so many months of not using it now, i got quite fascinated to see that i have nice cool looking eyes all daunted with the new lens. Everywhere that i go which is all the way to college, people stares! Like oh my god, have not see people wearing geo lens ka all this ancient thinking people? and at times i were thinking, oh might be this people thought that this girl is born with bluish eyes, oh how cool!

But my eye color is the shade of brown and the rings of blue surrounds it and yes, i LOVE my eyes and the lens is just a deco!
So realized that it was kinda dry, i meant it drys up real fast and i think that it attracts loads of dust easily too cause my eyes fogged up like twice and my friend's like four times~ so damn irritating la oh my god! after such a long time not using it, i am now not used to it!what turf~
So we planned to go sleep early and to wake up all fresh the next day and to see for ourselves whether is it our eyes or the lens. and so looking at the time now and i am now still blogging, so my hypothesis for tomorrow will definitely not work!

*checks msn list*

Oh ok~she appears to be off line, so she should be asleep. okok~i shall make decision based on her analysis then! ahahha~
My assignments are all done but got stuck at the videos! if and only if the teacher is kind enough to open this with internet connection then it will be all no-problemo!
If and only if huh, then there will be no beggars, there will never ever be poverty, there will never ever be snatch theft cases~ and there will never ever be so many bad things happening around us.

Oh wells, i guess i should go to sleep now. Toddles yo~


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