Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was so damn tired when i reached home last night. Poundings in my head and i feel lethargic. I think too much of screaming and running around the karaoke room and also the blasting of the songs contributed to the headache! And i think Evelyn(YennieDoll)must have been scared looking at how we roll! Lol~ Nonetheless, yesterday was Krispy Kreme's opening day and so i got the opportunity to meet up with BenjicaJess(Jessjie), Bernard(GreenTeaBern) and a whole loads of other bloggers. So here it is, after resting early last night! Lol~ And i want all the pictures la you all! Why did not send to me!!


I was welcomed to Times Square with a bunch of people queing up in front of the new opened Krispy Kreme. According to YennieDoll, there were even a group of students that has been camping there since saturday till the opening of it which was a Monday! what turf! They don't have to study? No assignments ka? Lol~ This picture seems less cause i took this around 12.30 where the people that has been waiting since dawn had prolly get their share of the goody delicious donaught and ran to a corner savoring it. And this were the late comers, but still, they get donaughts while waiting ok! what turf! Then can i just pretend waiting and stand there to get one donaught and then scurried off! ROFL..

Yeah! Finally i met up with my Jessjie! Fuu~ She's a whole lot of characters, she loves to talk and she is very very friendly although her looks might deceive you! Lol~ she went ooh and ahh and ehh and a whole lot of expression when we brought her to I-Socks. She saw a manequin dressed up like Amy Lee and she quickly went and "molest" it what turf for a good whole of 10 minute! Lol~ She takes pictures a lot, on the ELEVATOR, and the pictures are with her. So imma just gna wait, wait, wait and wait cause YennieDoll say it takes her ages to upload! Lol~Take your time jie~ Lol~

After a not-so-productive 2 hours of shopping cause there weren't really much things to buy there, not much choice, ok~ Not our style of a lot of choice, we tolled ourselves to the next building for karaoke. Thanks to me*erhem*who asked them to make a booking first and so we did cause we never expect to have so many people there on a Monday! Fuu~ All this people is either jobless or on holidays like me and my peeps. Lol~ Cause the counter is so busy that we had to stand and waited for 5 minutes before we are served and given our rooms.

They were having don't know what kind of promotion that day but i saw "Happy Hour" stickers stuck to all the beverages and foods and we need to wear that tag on my hand whenever we go out to stack up F&Bs. And i think the way they charge has differ too! Ohmygod! Still not expensive cause we had student card but a tad bit more than the last time, which was 8 weeks ago! what turf.
So time waits for no man and definitely food waits for no man too, so i quickly lashed up my tag and pulled one of my friends out to grab the snacks and drinks.

Snacks weren't a lot of choice but hell, there were a lot of choices of drinks! And all the drinks can really help regenarate your sore throat if you screamed too much. Lol~

Anyway, among all the good drinks which i did not try all, i still love this best. This is Orange Ice which was stated there but it tasted like those tropical fruit drink but ice-blended. And they even stcked up Coco de Nata for us, so apalagi, I put a lot! Lol~

There were 5 of us who went to karaoke cause Jessjie needs to go back to work(aww)so she cant join us and the rest of them went bowling. So here are some of the pictures, with my damn handphone that can't take nice pictures under dim lightning!

My besttie of bestties. She looks so darn happy here cause she is! Lol~

My 2nd besttie of bestties which luckily could join us later and luckily she escaped from her doctor that talks a lot, says she! Lol~ cause we aren't going to see each other for the next 3 weeks! omfg! can die ok! *sigh*

The Tweety Bird singing! Lol~

and guess who is this! she really enjoyed herself and scared of us i think! Lol~
Jeng Jeng Jeng~

EVELYN! Yenniedoll..
She is the oldest! Lol~ and she is not charged according to student price but what the heck, al last they count one less, shall tell you that! what turf this greenbox people! My earned,your loss sucka! Lol~

Overall, it was such fun that even my three world of friends, one from secondary, one from blogging world and the other two from college could mix and played well. We took lots of pictures but it is all scattered among handphones and cameras.. We even took pictures sitting on the table beside the tv, posing in front of it, camwhored and loads more~

so much fun that one of my besttie took off her shoes and went sofa jumping instead! what turf~ Lol~

The standard must take picture, the bill.
Upon seeing this, i don't know how they count it and my bestties said that they count one out so we Untung la~ But i feel angry too, why the heck we need to pay for the service that they provide which they did not provide any good attentive service to us but to take Yennie's Krispy Kreme away! Lol~ And the tax kena round up some more! what turf~

But i had a great time! I plumped to my bed as soon as i reached home. So the late post!
Tralalaa~ XOXO all! Till we meet again! Toodles all~


Anonymous said...

nice outing =)

Voxy said...

yea ken, join us sometimes yea~ure from innit right?

CWKen said...

u all went without me!! T.T haha jk lar not free to go also hehe wish I can join u ppl though. Takpe after exams sure can go wan haha XD

fluotone said...

so who had bangers & mash :p
Weird how they term sausages as bangers but of course, no one is complaining :D

(yes I'm back(for awhile)) surprise!!

Voxy said...

ken::LOL~yea!and HEYY! We would hang out after ur finals! i noe ur dreading to see me la!!LOL~

@floutone::HEYYY!Where have you been??and yea~the bangers thingy~ LOL~ you figure it out! cool!hahah and WELCOME BACK ONE OF MY LOYAL READER!

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