Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MDG2 Winner, But~


Hey blog dear, i am here again for the second time on 21/04/09 cause i have no class and exams today so i am a bit free and less of studies partly cause i started early and also because it is not calculations! Yea!

Was using "You" all this morning for some updates, to tell "you" what i have been through this two days of exam week, surfed some blogs in which i found some are very interesting and useful but there are some that are quite pointless to the stage of irky. When i got quite tired of only seeing "your" "face"(webpage)which is pink and a splash of yellow, i then watch a korean drama titled "Hello My Teacher" or something like that which i had watched twice! Lol i am so what turf right?! LOL~

There! one of the many many stacks of notes, i think there are 8 stacks but total sums up to around 100 pages i think? And i need to memorize like six stacks of it! A breeze~ LOL~cause memorizing is just my think! I hate calculations! I think i killed the inventor of calculation's punya father or family before so now in the afterlife, God make me can't do calculations AT ALL! what turf!

This is totally not some random pictures but a picture of a dead fly. Yea, a fly, satu lalat, yat gor wuu yeng~ and i think is a nausea-having fly cause it was flying 'round and 'round me and i did not bother cause as all know, it is so muthafucking hard to even get close to this species so let alone killing it. Cause i don't want to waste my time looking out for it and aiming it and go near it slowly and in the instance i whoop hands up, it flew.

This fly is so cacated i tell you! LOL~ i have this habit of flickering my pen/pencil/whatever i am holding while my elbow on the table so the thing that i am holding will be in midair. So while i was flickering away at quite a fast rate too, i think the fly flew pass it and knock on my pen! what turf! and the fly fainted on to the paper that i was reading, right in front of me, touched my face some more! what turff~@@
Then quickly grab hp and snap picture! Lol~ so muthafucking proud i tell you that i hit it, accidentally or no, it is still ME who got it! Lol~ even though is just a fly~=.=

Early in the morning when i checked my mail, Sharlyn from Nuffnang sent me an email regarding me being one of the winner for their weekly prize of the MDG2 Blog Buzz Contest and i am so thrilled but i don't know how to go to Jalan Yap Ah Shak! Lol~*sigh* anyone know?


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that 1 is shalyn ler...sharlyn is me aredi XD

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