Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Copper Stained Hair!


Fuu! second last paper ended today! not really in the mood to blog now cause some where under this small website of an organization containing loads of subordinates when they were having their discussion, including me, someone has just got to pissed me off by simply butting in, not knowing a single detail and effing showoff there and just blardy BUTT IN!

Why are people so damn nosy yea? don't they have things to do like "mind their own business" business! what turf lo~ *sigh* i don't know whether is it just the weather or it is just me, i am so effing pissed off right now! and it's just so warm here in this room, and i feel nausea!

Ok, my hair grew longer and i feel that it is more appealing to let me see now, lol~so here are some, two i guess~


that i got~

a karat(copper)hair color!? LOL~
I am now liking this color a lot! i wanted to get a light blonde done but that must go to salon and i scare my hair will get terribly destroy after that and so i did not do it.
Be contented with what is now and i shall consider going blonde next time! ^^

Eh i love the contact lens but it got a bit dry already so might see that i am like trying to open my eyes cause it's dry and a bit irritating! I wore it like 8 hours straight under sun and air-con, so end of the day, IRRITATED EYES! but heck, contacts still rules! i shall die wering specs and walking all around college! Hahaha~

And so, my two photo showing jadi-ed three! Lol what turf~ xp
Cheerios people! ^^ xoxo~


Serge Norguard said...

very nice.

inkish27 said...

its not me butting in again was it????

nice hair color..
Makes you look mixed...

Voxy said...

Thankx Dusty

@Ink::since when i said it was you and since when i say is in innit?LOL~no la~some human from msn~my college peeps

Voxy said...

@ink again:: i am mixed by the way! ^^

Jeffro said...

shyiok giler ni.. =P

Voxy said...

Jeffro::Long time no see, no talk, no massage! Lol~

hows u? and apa yang shiok?

Baby said...

karat color like tat meh?

CWKen said...

whoa... ur hair so clam (lala) d leh ROFL!!! jkjkjkjk:p

nice colour btw ;)

Voxy said...

Ken::LOL~clam! hahha~yeah we same same lame! Fuu! Thankx!

Baby::its copper

WayeYoung said...

rawr ;)

Mine is naturally a bit brown :P

You're mixed?? o.o

Voxy said...

Waye::eh my hair is as black as charcoal one so i got tired of it! yea

Chris Thoo said...

lol......fuah...another red head d

Jeffro said...

long time right? well I've been seeing your blog.. just that haven't been commenting yet.. =)

miss me eh? lol xD im good loo.. online but not online.. if you get what i mean.. -P

Voxy said...

Chris::LOL~and i love it! RAWWRR!

Jeffro::Yea!swt swt~ you always put appear offline!ish!

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