Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kill Me With a Fork!!


Woke up with a super duper puffy eyes cause i slept late and i drank a lot of water yesterday night due to pressure. yes i consume loads of water when i am under pressure! haix~ and so i totally looked like a panda this morning and i'd probably scared all the babies cause none of them wanted me to carry them! what turf! but anyway, what i prepared wasn't fully put to use and seriously, from the bottom of my heart, i was kinda angry and hurt. or whatever~ after all the sleepless night yesterday..

I shall never ever prepare again and give all the excuses that i want to safe my ass from it and if that don't work on the like 10th time, i shall then speak what is in my heart and let you die right on the spot with my killing words!

ROFLMAO!!WHAT TURF LA~~*chill chill*

Oh~ i came back and i was on foot and toe to my Web Page Design. Nothing seriously big and fuah so hard to do but because i am a noob new learner and so it was a challenge for me and this is what i produce, actually one of the four that i produce!

Oh my god i hope i have all the time needed to finish this up and this is really getting to become what i like! although i am a noob new learner!

i like this banner~


fluotone said...

I have a fork! where do I start? ROFL :)

Voxy said...

@Floutone: hahahaha~ei dude, i am back to normal ard so u can safe ur fork! this shows that u have not been here for a few days! ahahaha

do u blog?

fluotone said...

aww shucks.. was real enthusiatic about the fork thingy :p hahaha

eh, what do we have here? are u complaining about my absence blekkkk :p complaining only makes u look old fyi..

yep, iblog why? u want to payback my sarcasm ka? you're so kind, but no need la so generous. hehehehe...

Voxy said...

@Floutone::im not complaining! and i just wna see la~exchanged link or something~cx u do have quite good english~

fluotone said...

haha.. add me on msn then we'll talk.. cheers!

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