Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work Beckons!


Who want to see the place i worked at!? It is so "cool" i tell you that it made me grab my sweatshirt tighter and the hairs on my back stand. Fuu~ Brr~

TADAA! Cool right?

Ok i don't work at the hall way but i was there at 7 A.M! Blardy 7 A.M! Work starts at 7.30 but i was there like super early due to traffic. So i just sat there and wait, and wait and wait. I could swore that i nearly fell asleep cause i was so tired and i hate place that has got no one. It just makes me bored, sleepy and prolly hallucinate what turf cause i hear footsteps! Yea! Blardy invicible footsteps at 7A.M and who would prolly be there as early as there! and who would just stomp and WALK at the same place for a whole 10 minuteS!*shivers*

So i braced myself and a forced a smile while listening to the steps! what turf! I feel like crying! But i was there, no where to go! So i went and stand near the lift so when there's anyone that arrives, i could just pretend that i just came out from the opposite lift and pretend to walk together back to that alley! what turf! T-T

Another thing, I WORKED there but i need to get this blardy VISITOR pass! The last time i was there, i was given this superbly cute white card that i use to pass and i don't need to wait.*sigh*now i have to walk to the next road and returned it. I was really tempted to keep this till the last week! Not nice, but it safe me the time to queue up for it!*doublesigh*

And oh, call that number all you one cause it is INVALID! lol~ I was so bored that i kept dialing that number! LOL~

my messy messy table and the "phone" that i don't even bother to put nicely and untangled it. And Cleo is still my best break companion!


though i have to wait one hour for it to stop rain cause this smarty pants thought it ain't going to rain till next year so lose the umbrella! LOL~

By the way, i am telemarketing to Australia so i have got this weird super early time to work but HEYY! Look on the bright side, i end work earlier than the most of you! Who works that is! I offduty at 3p.m, which leaves me an extra 2 hours to SHOP! Well, window shop to be precise! Oh, If i were rich~~~

Toodles all~



fluotone said...

ur england is deteriorating :/
mine is neither perfect neways :p

Serge Norguard said...


Voxy said...

Floutone::Yea~kinda~*sigh*cause i am not in the mood and am tired and was just doing this for "updating" sake~Oh well, i will do better the next one~Thankx

@Serge:;yea! u know where it is?

yapthomas said...

The visitor pass kinda screwed up with the new system.
Always have problems when my clients come to the office and the security guard not there. Gah!

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