Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Camwhorer Gets Camwhorer and Gets Camwhorer, No?


This was on a Monday which was yesterday and i was actually very excited to want to come back at night to blog about my Monday which i shall not name it as Monday Blue cause we had the greatest time being bitchy and all! hahaha~ in a good way la yo~

Monday classes are a pain in the ass, you have got to wait for like 4 hours for a freaking 2 hour short lecture and if you are "lucky", the lecturer might shorten it to only 2 and a half hour! How lucky huh?after a long freaking 4 hour wait!what turf la~ and so cut story short, we had decided not to go and to stay there to finish(hopefully)up the assignments.
And the girls wanted a haircut too, so bye college and hey salon!


Yours truly and the starting of epitome of camwhoring and vainessity!
Yea, my hair is brown on the bottom and new hairs are growing out! wee~Blissfulness!

This is the girl that i must give thanks to mucha mucha for being so ever willing to drive us to where and to drive us from where ever we are without hesitation though we have to wait la, but but but~THANK YOU !!
She loves driving, says she!xp

While at the salon, your's truly did not plan to get a hair cut, so apalagi la right?!
see! my new blingee baby! nicer right?! i love it so heck with what you think!LOL~


After half an hour or so, they are all cut and primed and proper and all hyped up for more camwhoring! and so your wish is my command yo~

While they primped up more when at house and so i menjalankan tugas! xp
so so so so VAIN right?! oh wells *winks*

the first potrait!
Sexy Lady!! *woots*

the second potrait!
Cute vs Sexy!
Which one would stand out?!

No self potrait of me cause i did not get my hair cut and so i am emo-ed! LOL~ actually i hate my lower body so i shall only let you all see the head, my face! let me lose like freaking 3 kg then i shall do loads of vanityly self potrait and flood my site here and let you puke blood till you have to ask for blood from the hospital! ROFLMAO~ so exagerating!xp

So it is again time to depart after a day of changing clothes and camwhoring, me and the Cute needs to get away.. BUUUTTT~ Camwhoring doesn't just stop there yo~ see us more while we are in the car!*shit sounds like those horny msn spam!!*

and yes, your's truly started it first cause she just learnt how to camwhore with the magical mirror, still noob but can la right?! and i still love my phone! tralalllaaala~

After a few ss shots and was actually getting bored of it, doing it all alone and stuffs, then the Cute girl say camwhore! so yeay!


Mucha cute, no? but this is ss la~ LOL~


Was still awake to the wee hours in the morning where my mum will wake up in 2 hours time and i has not yet to bed. Why you ask me huh? Assignment lo, whatelse, last minutes tak apa attitude lo, what elsssee~ xp

Then then then then~ i was a white mouse! I got caught by someone and wasforcedasked to listen to him singing in which i was quiteveryimpressed and never thought that he could sing! i am so bad right! ahahaha~ Oh~he can shake booty too and he is lame! ahahaha~*winks to the one*

And now is college time. and today college lectures and tutorials are the full of bullshits!
The someone from the education side came to our college to have a survey or something like that to further put into consideration whether should our advanced diploma to be as the same par with degree certificates. Means that we no need to go further study to other country just to get the paper which is printed "Degree".xp
So we have to be an angel for the day and pretend that we are so keen to lectures and the tutorials that were held that day, we have to raise hands and stand up to answer, says a lecturer and i went~

Miss:: why you all did not take up hands and wait for me to point?
Me::*blink blink* *in heart* is there a need for that?
Teacher::*continued* then you all should stand up and answer ma~
Me::whadda~i think no need la, now is college ard ma no more secondary wor~
Teacher::*muka flabgastered*
Me::haiya~when i was at secondary also we don't need to stand up already la~
Teacher::oh yea hor~*hahahahah*

That teacher's laughter menyampahkan me! xp

And finally i got my Blue Eyes! suppose to get it in a month's time but i only waited for like 2 weeks! so efficient right?! I was so excited that i did not snap a picture of it in the GLASS BOTTLE, it is not fake one ok~ and show it here but i shall snap snap snap loads of pictures tomorrow.
*wears lens*
I looking weird actually!what turf~


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

awesome shit muimui!
but if wear green or grey contacts nice oso

Voxy said...

Jessjie::yea~the blue kinda cant see la omg! thats why i sed i look shity! hahhaha~i wanted grey but my fwen bought it so~

nvrm~i shall buy more! hahaha

Jeffro said...

fwah.. byk-nyer picture.. hahaha..
one shot release all ei?

fluotone said...

Its so easy nowdays to pick up low self-esteem lines in you posts even tho you are so so vain.. its intrigues me yet amusing at the same time :) hehe.. shall we start? here are some of my favorites ..

"i hate my lower body"
suggests that you are fat, well that was easy and predictable :p but for goodness sake 3kgs? :p why not 10kgs?
If it has anything to do with vomit blood.. let it be this la~ haha

And finally i got my Blue Eyes!
this line says that you're not happy with your natural eye color so you rely upon artificial colored plastic lenses to make u look err... pretty? Is that really necessary? what the turkey~ well anything that makes you happy but..

then you said:
I looking weird actually!
which really means you like your natural eye color(which is good) its just that sometimes you have those moody days where you think retail cosmetics and artificial stuff can cure your cravings of vanity. But of course weird would be the new pink nowdays.. at least u look weird in a pleasant way and not like the typical lala weirdo, now u looking cute is another story..u dont want to get me started there rofl

see what did I tell u about complaining earlier? I see a tiny wrinkle in one of the pics.. hahaha :p


okay you can stop scrolling back and forth looking at the pics or staring at the mirror. see so vain.. hehehe :p but of course continue to do what you do best.. blog!! and for goodness sake do your assignments early next time okay, chuck away that procrastinative habit if you can :p hehehe.. till next time cheerio!

p/s: your friend ss has a genuine smile.. now that I have to agree with you is mucha cute.. *winks* kawaii neh.. =)

MiyokoLee said...

hey hey!! ^^ i LOVE ur blings!!! hahahahaha help me bedazzle my hp too

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::yup! cx u noe la right?that day i told u!*winks*

Voxy said...

@Floutone:: i am vain but not to the extend that i don't know who i am anymore.. well, lemme analyze what you commented one by one since you are goddamn free that you read each and every word..

1)"i hate my lower body"
I wouldn't really say that i am fat as in omg fcuking god i cant enter the front door but fat as in i have a big pelvic girdle and so the 3 kgs are the target for me to firm up, cause i cant possibly lose bone mass.

2.And finally i got my Blue Eyes!
arrh~this part is the part where i enjoy reading cause i used to think like u too. what turf all this girls use fake stuffs to make them look nice and kawaii and all.. but at the end, i am tempted to use. not that i hate my eye color, i LOVE it. its the shade of brown and has blue rings on the side, so why should i hide it. and this prove that you are quite kolot, cause this is now fashion for spekkie people! so i wouldn't say i wna hide my real eye color. its fashion yo!

3.I looking weird actually!
Seriously, i am not really getting what u say here. i dun get it, whether u wna praise me or u wna make another sarcasm lingo. but anyways, i meant i looked weird cause im not used to the len's color on my eyes and it do take time to adjust to it and so i sed i looked weird. and yes, I LOVE MY EYES.

thankx for the advice and i will surely try to not procrastinate any more cause i am backfiring myself with sleepless nights now.
and yes, her smile is the most genuine i have ever seen in my circle of friends and yes, she is mucha mucha kawaii!

and oh, wrinkles are part and parcel of life so i wouldn't mind getting a few, after all the midnight oil burnings! xp

Voxy said...

@Sarah::so u wna buy it?i meant the blingee?cause i bought it from a friend on blog and she have a variety of it too, msg me or something la, then i tell u~*huggies*

weijie said...

wtf-retard :\

Voxy said...

weijie::yea!damn retarded! ahahahaha

fluotone said...

jupiters! looks like someone sounds a bit pumped.. well at least now you're talking my lingo! I like.. :> hahaha

@vox: hmm.. before that, honestly did you really have to use the word:goddamn? Someone in high places maybe slightly upset now :/

anyway, I've got tons of work to do so I'm not going to torture you today. I'll keep things clean and simple in under 15 words =) ............=.=............there that was it :p

Perhaps its my fault as I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't have time to phrase the sentences carefully enough :/ Anyway, my previous comment was meant as forms of encouragement slash(/) praises(you just have to look for that silver lining, trust me its there *wink*) for instance point 2.. what I really meant was you don't necessarily need to wear colored lenses to have beautiful eyes.. because I think your eyes are already beautiful as they naturally are. (OMG!! u just made me write like a domestic human geee.. me not like feeling of mundanity and by putting it that way, I think I just made you gain an extra pound which I am trying to avoid doing) and the rest is for me to know and you to find out hehe ;)

oh and by the way, thank you & noted on the "kolot" part--this is what happend when I tried upgrading..
*attempting to update vox fashion data*.. Warning! Virus detected..Clean failed. Do you wish to Incinerate? YES. Successful... I lol'd

I think it's better if I took some time away from here..cya till nxt time! yea yea I know you're weird.. you've pointed that out 15 times already :p

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. yeapz.. *winks*

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