Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blast Those Papers!


Today was my first day of finals and after all the hard work since first semester to this now very moment, I will end my first year of college in TAR. Phew, in just a blink of an eye, a year has pass since the day i left form 5! I missed my secondary school days and now i shall miss the first day where i step into college.


Can anyone invent some "back-to-time" machine and present it to me?? or ok, i want to use once only then you can selfishly take it back and keep it! LOL~ If that were a wish come true, i would want to wind back to my form 5 and stop there forever! LOL~Why?? Cause that was the bestest time i had, friendships that time were strong, love life was blissful cause my bf was a sweetie, studies were fun, teachers were sporting, nothing to worry about but just to think of how to enjoy the next day! T-T

College ain't that bad either but still~*sigh* Can i don't grow up?Even so no time machine, can i stop at age 19? According to one of my friend, she wants to stay 19 forever cause this is the age where we are grown up in the sense that we can do whatever we like but at the same time, we are not olded and we still could wear monkey suits(if we want which we dont)and still looks cute in it! LOL~ Well said my friend, WELL SAID! except for the monkey suit! LOL~

Exams were a blast today, in a good way cause~ All the tips came out exactly as it is! Meaning is i know how to do all la~ and we were all done within an hour time and we blahed earlier! Yeah!

And i said the lamest in the world. "Let's pre-celebrate our knowingness in the FOS paper with Jambu!" was what i said! LOL what turf~ Actually the jambu-eating session is what we do DAILY after college cause this guy that sells jambu at the backgate of our college is and will always be the nicest jambu that i have eaten so far,yet! LOL~ cause all the jmbu selling people that i usually see, the soak their jambu in sugar water to sweeten them! what turf la~
so we nicknamed the guy, "Jambu Man" lol which brings another meaning in BM~ If you want to know then ask me cause it is hard to explain if your BM sucks like shit. No offence really~ xp

My friend said, "Is it something wrong with my eyes cause i think the asam looks purplish today and the jambu tasted extraordinarily super nice!!" and i went like "oh what turf! yea! nothing wrong with your eyes except that something wrong with my eyes too lo cause i am seeing it purplish too! so nice kan! since we are in a super good mood so everything we consume even is shit also nice la" LOL what turf i am such a spoiler of fun! LOL~

Ok, from all the excitement you see / feel through this post, you should have at least get it that i did QUITE WELL in today's papers and i have never been much so happier before since i start taking exams in college! THOUGH i still have THREE mau mati calculations papers to resit, yet i still can laugh and smile cause i have great friends that are there to help,guide and be there for me!Ok i shall stop saying exam papers least i jinx it then what turf lo!

*aww~group hugs!*
Till then ya' all! I have to study Business Organization paper now cause i am aiming an A for this! Wish me luck here or anywhere or just in your heart where(i hope)i have a space somewhere deep down under!*winks*



~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

that's my sista! u go gurl! be motivated always! jie is always there fo ya!

wooo hoo!

Voxy said...

Jessjie! Thankx!*hugs* and sorry ye~you come down so long already also i have not go meet you!*hugs gazillion* shall see u soon jie!!!

Josh said...

*pling plang* got heart wan no matter what will still go ahead and meet ur jie wan... XP

Voxy said...

joshgor::*avoid avoid* yupe! i will cause i got heart! LOL~direct translation! hahaha

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