Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kick Fool You Day and Welcomes May Day


Today marks an ending of the "Fool You" month and a whole new beginning of May Days! And the best thing for the first of ever tomorrow is.. LABOUR'S DAY!

Let's all say yeah cause for once, we don't have to wake up super early to get ready and to beat the traffic. Let's all sleep till 12p.m to get up for brunch and to sleep again! Lol what turf~ And yet again a boring day today! Why must i choose this job or should i say why are the people so ignorant or should i say why people hate being asked loads of questions???

"Hello, Good morning/afternoon, this is Victoria calling from International Data Corporation. May i speak to [name] cause' we are currently carrying out a survey regarding uses of external consultation in an organization, so i would very much appreciate it if you would participate."

Was what i said the WHOLE fucking day today! And some of them were being overly rude, some on average, some being overly nice till it creeps me out. Cause there are a lot of gays and les on the "other side of the world" ya all! LOL~ So i am very much the person to be all huu haa about LABOUR DAY!*sigh*

Anyway, got a new shoe today! Yipee~ Till then all~Toodles~

p/s:i have no idea what got into you that made you change and so if you had just wanted to play, say so, i WILL surely play along. and i am going to stick to what i had been sticking to all this while and grow roots to which the grounds i stand.


CWKen said...

hahaha now u know why i said such job sucks rite? :p

that's exactly what I went through last time and vowed not to toch this job again XD

Voxy said...

Ken::*sigh*this only happens when we get the australia job.

fluotone said...

interesting! :p

Voxy said...

floutone::huh?how does that interest u?

fluotone said...

in many ways you might not be able to comprehend :)

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