Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Is It So???


It's 11.24 p.m now and i am still in the midst of relieving the biggest burden a college-ian could ever have and that is assignments! Urggh~seriously, i have no idea how many time and days that i had spentwastedon assignments alone, and to the thought that i really need to study my arse off for this semester cause this is the last thing before i can call myself a senior!bwahahhaahaha~okok the part is that i really need to buck up and earn cgpa's like your grandfather needs to learn how to use the internet!

Just a sudden thought, WHY IS THE HECK I AM DOING THE DOCUMENTATIONS NOW?!! what turf~
I said that i will not do it and going to be evil for once and leave it all for the groupie but at the end of the day, what turf~so i shall go now and i will come an update later on, if i feel like it and not fall asleep on the table in front of my lappie here and sucking in all the internet rays and be double the dumber!hahaha~


Jeffro said...

LOL.. chill la..
quickly finish it up.. then lay back and relax.. after my exams, we hang out! =D

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::^^ it is off my back now so u wont hear me whining anymore for now on assignments. wait till next year doh! ahahahahah~~

oh cool~pigi mana?

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