Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lomo = Homo But Chunted


Did nothing in particular today except for sports. Swimming is an on schedule activity but later on in the evenings, made an appointment with the Aunty to go monutain walking with her and we went to FRIMS. Fuu~ that was really a nice and tiring and dehydrating walk!

Weather this days are totally a pain in the ass. Took this picture while on my walk at Friim and it was awesome to have trees for shelter cause if not, i would have melted like a butter under the hot scorching sun. Few black clouds seen huh? Well, a false alarm i would say, cause it did not rain yesterday.

Went on the weighing scale when i am all washed up and to my great amaze, i now weighs 47kg! At a height of 155cm.. I am 2kg lighter and damn, i did not grew a single cm since 2008! what turf lo~ I remember actively jumping hoops and skipping ropes when i was much younger till the age of 13 and that's when i stopped.. That's quite a lot of skipping and jumping through out those years ok, but heck, i am still short! what turf. I want at least 160cm!


But then again, i can wear 4-inch high heel and not looking like a sore thumb stucking out among the people like some people who is already tall but still complains about them being not tall enough(what turf)and wears super heels and they looked like ZIRAFFE!


Oh~ this is my 39th post already! and i still feel that i have not blog enough! All in the eye that agrees blogging is addictive say "Ei!" ^^

Oh~and see the date! My finals for my third semester of first year is on the 20th of April 2009, and hey, see whose still here when they have finals tomorrow! LOL~ xp

And i googled this by the way but this is EXACTLY how my study table looks like now, i think mine is WORSE! lol~ cause my study table is twice bigger and my laptop is one time larger and is a Panasonic and you all know how people used to say how bulky and chunky Panasonic lappies are, but i think mine is just fine! Not thought of changing it till this baby wores off that is.

Today;s church sermon was an awesome and direct one from a speaker named Jimmy Mutebi. An African middle-aged man living in the USA. He has the funniest, most energetic and friendliest character i have ever came across amongst all Pastor or Reverends that i have met.
*googling for his picture*

There! i saw this at my church member's blog. Cant really get a hold what he looks like from here but he looks like Akon one, No Joking!

Jimmy Mutebi looks like him! ohmygod! But i don't know whether Rev.Jimmy is as "Mr.Lonely" and "Dangerous" as Akon and goes "Smack That" at everyone, or on the floor! Lol what turf.. But they both have a likely feature. Really look forward to the next time he is here. I totally ditched my notes and whole-heartedly went to service and listened to him, through out the whole thing, without a yawn, without asking what's the time and most importantly, i am blessed by his preaching. ^^

Oh~ on the way back just now, saw my brother's friend on his own bike and he showed-off at us at his newest purchase of Lomo! what turf! i also want! damn cheap can! rm280++ only! and it is multi-colored so it looked like toy hanging on the neck but not toy la~ wait, let me go google his model! damn nice can!

Aww!! this is exactly the one! damn cute can! the color is so old school and nice! ohmygod! and while in the midst of googling, i saw a pink lomo which is damn old school but chunted! I want can?Ohmygod! damn cute sia!

see!! a bit auntish old school right?! Eh i like!

Conclusion, i am having a camera fetish! what turf~


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