Monday, April 13, 2009

Hate That I Miss You Soo~


I skipped class today! LOL~with the mission and that is to study and prepare for my finals which is coming this week, Monday and i hope it is going to be three days only cause i only have 3 unit this time around.
In a week's time i need to cover my Fundamentals of Selling which is 17 chapters wide, my Business Organization which is 8 chapters in width, and not forgetting my Web Page Design which is also a butt aching of 7 chapters!*faints* You do the maths for me as to how much i need to cover perday~ I shan't not do the counting cause i think i will need the hospital later on.

And yes, i drove to Jusco today just to chill out a bit at Popular. And you know how they say that once you step into Popular you BECAME popular!? LOL WHAT TURF~ Oh the good old times i had with my fellow Cheras cell group! I miss you all and the lameness?! LOL~
And so this biography of a Jewish girl caught my attention! Yes, i know! I love reading other people's biography cause other people's life are some what so much more interesting to my interest and i am born to be nozy!LOL what turf
Anyway, this girl is Jewish, as stated and she lives in the era which Hitler still rules and you know how our friend Hitler roams right?*at this point, if you said no, then GODAI!*
This book a.k.a biography of hers, states all that she has been through since she was 13 of age to don't know when cause i am currently now at page 39 which comes to the point of her introducing her new hide out.

All in all, do check this book out! It's awesomely cheap at a price of RM23.90 and it uses great translator and an introductory by Eleanor Roosevelt. Top of that, you get to the the author's nice big face as the cover! I just have the thing for author's face, just so i know whose i am reading and for the record i guess! LOL~

So i spent the whole morning reading my now new found love(books) title! Actually i have been aiming for this book long enough till i forgot about it and i saw it today! LOL~
Then later in the afternoon, after lunch and all, just got this sudden urges to repaint my fugly and all-paint-no-more nails. Seriously, i think this nail thingy have become a routine to me as i change my nail's design EVERY WEEK! Without fail i tell you, maybe late a day or two but NEVER miss it!
And i realized, i had never EVER reused/paint back the same design before! Partly cause i forget what design i did last week and the week before and also the week before and the week before again and you got my jingomingo! LOL~ I am so talented right! lol what turf~

Bottom line is, i spent two hour doing this cause i changed the design twice till this is the outcome that i like after the last 2 design. Still not very satisfied though, but what the heck~

And last but not least, i felt so compelled to let you all see and also prove that my NERD MODE is on!! It has actually been on and off and at a hiatus mode on weekends for the past one month but i went around telling my peeps that i have not start! LOL~ So i lied!
Deep down inside, i feel like stabbing all of you who got so good grades and there, lo and behold, you have the guts to whail in front of me and say that you got the worst result!


Nevertheless, i love you all oh ok~the stabbing part is just metaphora ok~
Although i start early, but it seems like nothing went in! I think the FOS is like fucking easy lo~i think too easy that i can't pay attention to really study? I took it for granted, perhaps? Haix~ WPD is a no-need to study subject, so what the heck~ But BO is like ohmygod! Cause i tend to jumble BO and FOS!

And the other day, a mail came in for me from TARC. Cause a month ago, i summited a recheck for my FOA in hoping that they will let me pass cause i got C-! what turf~ Just blardy give me C also cannot! Damn~ and so it is still in a resit form! OHMYGOD! I still need to face accounting nexxt year! Please God, sent a swooping zapping lightning to me or anything and just zap me out of this Earth!

Are you well up there?
I think i am. But then again, i think i am not?
Why so? Did you miss us to come back?
I think i do! do you too?
Most absurdly yes! and boy am i happy to see you?!
Are you?Hows all?
Fine.But then again, Not very fine without you!!


i doubt.


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