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Fuah! This picture above made me looks like i just woke up in some brightly light room with my messy and unruly hair right! Lol~But i don't think i love taking picture so much that i will take a picture of myself every five minute cause this ain't a picture of me just waking up! Lol~ I was damn plain tired, that's all.

Today is yet again another unmercifully hot and warm day and the most dreadful thing isthat i need to go out to go get something that eventually made me think that going out on such a hot day where i could spend the time sleeping all the more worth it. Took a bus all the way to Times Square with the freaking hot sun shining and freaking toasting my arms and half of my body all the 45 minutes journey to Times Square. Then i almost skipped my stop and forget to get down cause i was sleepy with the sun shining and in fact, this is my first time taking the bus for this year. Cause i was so used to LRT and Monorail routes, that i forgot the bus route! what turf i tell you if i missed that stop and did not get down, i have to freaking walk under the sun for 15 minutes! Pheew~ Luckily some dude rang the bell and me up too! ^^

Wandering eh what the hell this freaking girl made so much noise and if scare of the sun then blardy don't go out and stay at home and study for finals la~ Well well, what'da ya know! I was RANDOMLY selected to be one of the MDG2 Blog Buzz Contest and i won myself~

no~what turf!

Not perfume for toilets ok, mind you although that was what i thought of when i was really young and when i saw EAU'DE TOILETTE, i did say "Eww, the toilet? why such name?"
Get it?? The sound of the pronounciation! xp

So, the whole idea of me cursing the sun and the hotness it brings is because i need to go to Heritage Rows(nearby)where Nuffnang office is to claim my windfall! How awesome huh! And the perfume smells real good and i am so going to use it cause i was NEVER a perfume addictive. Well, i am now! ^^ Thankx NuffNang. And the most paiseh thing is, when me and Yenniedoll was there, we didn't actually know the way around to the building but i saw someone stands at the lobby and went "Hey ev, there are some people there that have this potential blogger look, maybe they came to claim prize too. Let's go ask~" and so we went in and the moment we did that, the lift opened and out came Timothy Tiah! In my head i was like erh, is that my boss? but i said something like "Eh that is Timothy right??" to Yennie like i just saw some super well known actor! Lol what turf lo~ *sigh* so sia sui~ Lol~

They were actually on their way for lunch and OVBVIOUSLY we interupted and both girls have to accompany us to grab our gifts. And wasted like 15 minutes of their time! >.<
Then when we went down, Timothy was still there and i quickly rushed out!*sigh*I am/was actually nervous at the sight of our Boss! what turf~ I think he looks way too young to have a such successful business, actually am awed to see him looking so young but successful! what turf~ and what i am doing now la? at the age of 19! DIPLOMA! *double sigh*

Awesomeness moments ended! Lol~ I am so easily awestruck! what turf lo~ cause i have nothing to made people awe that's why! Lol~
Thus, proceeds to have lunch and a really really long window shopping walk with Yennie and i discover much more things that i have never thought she would do and i am totally happy that she shared with me! *LOVE YOU JIE*

"Jie, legs damn tired right! so is Monday plan on if we are to go to Times Square?Mostly, i meant 100% we are going for karaoke but i need you to confirm are you going to go shopping or no cause i thought of karaoke first then shop! Lol~ and you got Krispy Kreme some more after that! Huhuhu~"

Ok things to clearify~ We was at KFC LA~ and i wasn't eating so i got bored and did some picture taking. More at Yennie's blog if she ever do her blog on this la~so you all got to like hush and rush her for it! Lol~nothing that special, just and outing and crap a lot and i saw my church mate and i got A NEW PERFUME and i got a leg pain and i still HAVE NOT study for tomorrow!

Bye all! XOXO~


Cassandra said...

I like that perfume! =)

Voxy said...

Cassandra::yea omg! isnt the smell the nicest! ^^

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