Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Want!


Its 11.58 p.m now and i was actually studying and inniting, ok so your're PWNED! i WAS only innit-ing! LOL~ Its 11.59 p.m and whadda, i feel like i am reporting some Malaysian Time! LOL~
*waits 12.ooa.m*
Ok it is 12a.m now! Pwned! Ok~i just like that word! LOL~It actually originated from the word OWNED which comes from the word OWN and from the word CAT! LOL~that was quoted by the way.

Today is Easter! It's Easter SUNDAY by the way, cause i have got no idea why my aunty kept saying suppose to be EASTER MONDAY. LOL!I was so divided whether to stay at the adult service cause i wanted to watch Kelvin Kuan's short drama or to the King's Kids to help out and see Sarah Lee dance! Ok~finally i gave in and concole myself saying that i am lazy so i should stay there!

OHMYGOD! i was just checking for my phone and i realized i did not take any picture today! alarhs right?! but i let you see what i got in the house today ok!
I was lying around on the carpet in the house this afternoon, right after we got back cause i was so tired and my eyes are so puffy! i just don't know why! and 3 minutes later, i felt itchy on the arm and~swoosh!


For the record, i was never ever or should i say, i never ever manage to kill a mosquitoe with just one swoosh but this time around, ONLY ONE SWOOSH! Hahaha~ And so i thought ok whadda heck, just one mosquitoe so no need for Shieltox and all right? cause partly i am lazy to get up from my comfy spot that i just found and lay my butt there and i dislike the smell of Shieldtox too! And so i just placed this dead one that I KILLED on the floor beside me and fiddle and played with it! Yeah i am weird what turf! But don't you all tell me you all don't do weird stuffs ok! LIKE IMMA GONNA BELIEVE~XP
so and anyway, about 5 minutes later, there was this same itch again and automatically, swoosh!


Then this time it really pissed me off and go around the house shouting and kept saying something like "what turf is this! our house bela mosquitoes arh?how can a noob-at-hitting like me can get two of it in like 10 minutes!"
Blablabla~ and Sheildtox perlu dikeluarkan! LOL~so effing smelly! OHMYGOD!
Thus, i got two mosquitoe bite and i very beh song! give me back my blood u mutharetards!

Seriously, mosquitoes are the second creature i hate next to ANTS. Yes, ants are my top first! and i hate and am afraid of them! haix~

can i get loads of this in my house instead!?

i want this one as of above! i want this, the exact same type and color and the fatness and the cuteness and the chubbyness and the cuddleness and the pinkyness and the whatever ness! LOL~PWNED! LOL~what turf~

see! so cute right! Omg!birthday coming yo! LOL~


KelvinK said...

Awwh! So honoured to know u stayed to watch me. Lol. And omg! ur afraid of ants? haha...jz get ur bum to sit on them la...

Voxy said...

Kel::dun wan! ants bites butt! LOL

迷糊学长 said...


Voxy said...


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