Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Chillaxo Me Me Time


Woot, getting a day closer and closer to my finals for first year and i am very anxious can?!4 more days! And and and, nothing sticks to my head! I read but nothing sticks! Oh well, pray that God gives me wisdom on the very last minute then.

Went out like 10 minutes earlier today which is around 6.30 a.m just so that we can avoid the jam but to no avail. It was raining heavily since 4 a.m, says mum and it hasn't stop since then. The jam was so terrible that i got stuck for about one and a half hour on that very same spot! what turf! And just realized that on every rainy days, the Smart Tunnel would definitely be closed and gets flooded! BooHoo~ How smart can that be huh?! PWNED!

Which leaves all the Smart users no choice but to take the normal route, which is MY route, what turf and jam up the whole entire area! Just so you know, Cheras area itself has a massively massive population count and to the think that ALL of this people need to use the ONLY way to work just makes me wanna puke! Oh, there's no need for that reason, I NEARLY puke this morning cause mum was like move and then break and move again and break and move and break and move again and blardy break again! what turf lo~for almost one hour she's been at it!


Our "go college to study" plan once again hit the blank wall and bounced back to the ground and we ended up talking for almost 3 hours! Although i am too a talkative girl, i just don't get it, how can girls have to capability and the amount of resource to talk so much?! LOL~
Lecturers later on, blablabla~ As usual.. Skipped tutorial cause i have been so good and never skipped once. And i don't care whether i polished the lecturer's shoe good enough or no just to get those pathetic participitation marks cause well, I GOT NO BARRED! Take that you liars, what turf!

Oh, it's been so long since i meet Auntie Anne and her Pretzel Perfect delicacies. Just so to chillax and for the sake that i forgot to eat what turf, so i dine lunner there. And i just love the choco that melts on the hot crispy pretzel which is true enough, SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!! I just love to consume it using hands instead of the girly girl girl way of gently munching on it and tissue-ing their mouth when it got dirty. The choco is heavenly! I want more!


If and only if this Auntie Anne is situated on the outside on the mall, which gives me fresh air and more people to see, then it makes the pretzel all the more tastier! Till then, i continued munching it and looks at all the passerby and i secretly love to think what they do for a living, how they are dressed, looks at how they talk~ and mucha more~
I just love to sit and stare. And let the wind blow. And eat and drink. And no sweats. A lovely sun warmth, with just me and the world that revolves around.



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