Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Ain't No CatNip


It's May already! And 8 more days will be Mother's Day! So have you all planned ANYTHING for the dearest mummy out there?? Bet you have! And if you're on of the "have not", go do something for the one who brought you to this world and let you know what is global warming, what is sky, what is water, what is porn and so on~ LOL~

Well, i certainly had something in mind although i had actually gave her a present way way back, but i shall treat that as "i-can-give-gift-on-not-special-days-what!" Lol~
I have actually no idea how to start writing what my mum did to me today that made me when "hey! is this my mum?". OK i shall start bluntly and end bluntly, you don't understand then you read till you get it, aite?

That thing up there, i know is a fish but i like calling it "THAT THING" and i hate it. I hate the sight of it, the smell of it, the texture of it, that beady eye of it, the mouth of it, the stupid looking tail, the shiny scale, POINT OF IT, I HATE FISH, TOTALLY! And getting me to eat it is almost impossible if i were to have SUPER duper good eye sight which unfortunately, i am a spekkie girl. So that leaves me to no choice but to consume it and that will usually take me forever to have my dinner cause i would poke at it, fiddle it, spend LONG HOURS finding the stupid bones that once nearly choke me to death and many many more agendas.

And yes, mum cooked fish AGAIN today. Not really again, we hadn't had that thing for like months now DUE to ME! cause i hate it so she would not cook something that either me or my brother hates. BUT she cook that thing today and was FORCED TO EAT IT.*lesigh*

Then it was so darn full of bones and i was picking it out so carefully that i did not even start eating after 15 minutes what turf and the rice turned cold and i don't consume cold stuffs and yes i am DARN picky at foods what turf. Then mummy took the fish out of my plate and she BONED-FISHED it for me!!!!! AWW~ In my heart i was like, "Is this my mum?" cause she would usually scold me and say i should go blind and all and don't care how or what i do, i must make the fish "disappear".

Although i can proudly say that i am 19 years old to be, at that moment it felt like 9 years old all over again and i am proud to say that i like having the 9 year old feeling all over again. With mom boned-fish my fish and dump it into my plate, it just feel right and nice and all warm inside. Cause at times, i feel that mom loves my younger brother more than she does to me cause HE is practically better than me in everything EXCEPT for LANGUAGE! LOL~
You know how sometimes when you're prolly 20 and above and suddenly you feel so old that prolly your parent don't care for you anymore and asked you to go out to fend for yourself, actually THEY DO CARE for you! In fact, the older we get, the more stress they are. Though they don't show it, but THEY DO.

So in conjunction of the upcoming Mother's Day, Vox a.k.a Victoria post a really cheesy post to thank her mom how sometimes she made her feel very neglected, unwanted, too grown up to taste her love but at the end of the day she,Vox's mum is the one that has been there ALL ALONG to guide her through her days, life and in everything that she does. I never thought i would say this "publicly" but~



Jeffro said...

LOL forced to eat? hmm.. cannot secretly feed it to the cats?

Voxy said...

Jeffro::LOL~those stupid cats behind?NO! Later they will not go away~

fluotone said...

hey,ever heard of boneless fish?

whoa! even mommy has-a uber cool hairstyle! ;)

Voxy said...

Floutone::eh~no~if there are, i wouldn't want to eat it cause i don't like it. and yes, she changed her hair style already. this was taken 2 months back

fluotone said...

oh there is lah :) invented in Japan for three group of people, the elderly, hospital patients and schoolchildren.

I think you go in the elderly category right? hehe..

so not even fishsticks? hehe.. :p

Voxy said...

What turf i elderly group?then ure the 6-feet-under group lo~*tsk tsk*

fluotone said...

LOL~ 6-feet under group do not need to consume fiss grandma, Its allright I understand that you're starting to lose your mind already, Its okay... hehe... blekk!! :P

Voxy said...


fluotone said...

double swt =.=!!

Voxy said...

triple swt!!!@.@

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