Sunday, May 3, 2009



Today is the Bazaar held by my church which sells enormous range of hand-made jeweleries and things that are brought in from places such as Hong Kong and China. Talk about making a profit for the new building of our church, they priced the items sold there way too high and i think it is very unaffordable. All the people that has the heart to contribute to the building fund ended up only flipping the price tag and quickly turned around and walked off! Probably cursing too, for the overly priced price. No doubt, the items are a darling and Limited Edition.. But come to the think of it, my MONEY is more precious! LOL~

Ok. I tried Google my church and it seems that our church has no IT sense what so ever cause we only exist under the main page of all Assemblies of God. By the way, my church name is Metro Tabernacle A/G.

Fuu~ Another week has again ended and this embarks on to another challenging week ahead.*sigh*

Stress when i am remembered that i have to work tomorrow. And i have to sleep early too, cause i feel asleep in the office the other day what turf cause i slept at 3 a.m the night before! Knn betul~ So damn paiseh~

Oh here is one of the forgotten-to-post-picture and also something that i am jolly good happy about and tell me, WHICH girl isn't happy to own another new 4-inch platform stilletos~ so she should be a weirdo!

my 4-inch baby which only cost me rm35! let me hear you scream, CHEAP! lol~

It seemed like it was just yesterday where i still play "masak-masak" with the younger brother, i bathed him, i fight water gun with him, i pushed him down the stairs, i "BOO-ed" him everytime he walks down the stairs, and many many more fond memories which i think only i remember since he can't recall anything. And he said,"Of course! you are the bully and why would a prey wana be reminded of that??" LOL what turf~ well said bro, well said~ LOL~

Blardy hell! Ask him to snile, he do emo face! Lol~ cause he said he wants to die when he thinks tomorrow needs to go school and complains why have Labour Day but don't have Secondary Day! Lol what turf sia~

So here is your author in a lazy pose wishing all of you Happy Work Day and move those arses! And don't complain why Labour Day is only ONE day like what my mum did! Omg! Lol~

p/s:: i am planning a surprise all-in-one package spa for the dear mom and i hope everything works out! fuu~hard to keep it a secret from her when money comes into the frame!*sigh*


fluotone said...

You are/were quite the bully aren't you?

oh look, @@ it's bunday-monday again hehe.. wishing you a happy work day too!

*pokes nose and dies*

p/s: hope you mom doesn't read your blog, otherwise the cat would be out of the box :)

*pokes nose again and dies..*

Voxy said...

Floutone::Hahaha~she doesn't read blog. she only reads the star online and malay mail. LOl~

you kept poking whose nose la?dont poke mine, mine is big enuf! Lol what turf~

fluotone said...

It kinda reminds me of my parents too hehe :p

your nose isn't that big vox, if it could be compared to McD sizes I'd say its regular =) what the turkey!


Voxy said...

Floutone::OMG! compared to McD pulak! what turf! Lol

fluotone said...

lol u arrr! whether its McD to Starbucks to the entire Universe... I think your nose is the cutest but please keep the updates rolling while i'm still here.. dont want to force u to update or anything but update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! knnccb! lol wt-turf :P ok my england has deteriorated goodness gracious lord please save my soul! lolx

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