Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One More Week


Omg!! One more week! Just one more blardy pathetic week and i am off to my second year of marketing course! Oh how time flies! Can you walk, time? Don't fly please cause i cant so i cant catch up. When come to the think of that, May is going to end real soon! Like chiak then May is gone! Lol what turf!

Oh i love May! I don't know why and i cant say its the middle month of the year so i love it cause it is not because June is. And i don't like June! For many many reason! The first big reason of it is, June makes me think that i am like a month or two closer to Ghost Festival what turf! I still can't figure out why is there Ghost Festival/Month.. Why we should we make that month as some month that we are supposingly to beware to every places that we go to. Not that i am superstitious, but things happened and i know it and i saw the outcome of it, though it is hard to consume it.
I love September by the way! Lol~ Go find out why! The answer is somewhere on my blog here too, and no, it is too darn easy to know why! I saja saja! Lol what turf.. And oh, i miss using Manglish. Where is my Manglish kaki arr...?Lol~

Blogging from Starbucks now. A place where there are people but you don't "feel" the people around you. Well, as for me, i don't quite notice them actually. I wander why? Is it because all the people that sits here has a laptop and set their eyes on it and no staring eyes, so i don't feel it? That should be the reason. And blardy hell, got two Japanese snapping pictures towards my direction! what turf! *looks behind* NOTHING THERE WHAT! *put angry face*
Anyway, had a sudden fever at work today and all i can think of is "YOU" and in my mind i was like "omfg! please don't be swine flu or AH1N1 or what ever la!" cause i hate being all sick and mom forces me to the hospital! what turf! I hate hospital! I hate it more when they ask me to stay over for check up purposes!

Now, work related. Seriously, Australia market is the hardest of all the penetrate. Forgetting about how rude they usually sound and the constant slam-phone attitude when you have not tell then your purpose of calling, which is ridiculous cause they have no reason to slam the phone what if they don't know what i want! what turf! Go bankrupt la you all that slammed my call! Lol~ And so i said to myself, if were to be sick tonight, today will be the last day of me working and i want to rest the whole rest of the week. I don't get myself sometimes, ok ALL THE TIME. I hate people that comes up to me and tries to sell me stuffs and worse of all, they no nothing about GIVE UP and blab on as i walked away. But now, i am on their side of the shoe and i am complaining how can they treat me like that!! Lol~ Ok, swear to myself, the next semester break will try a new job!*nods head*

Love life sucks! what turf!*blinkblink*I don't know whether i should hate you or i should continue to love you cause i broke my own policy first. Till then xoxo all~


inkish27 said...

HAHAHHA... SLAMMED UR CALL? Call back and swear on them! XD

(with ur own phone la.. xD nanti kena pecat kan.. XD)

Victoria said...

Ink::LOL~last time can call back and blardy fuck their daylights out, like literally but now can't cause kena sound! Lol~siow arh use my own number??!I call australia!! Omg! LOL

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