Saturday, May 30, 2009



This is going to be an emo but short post so if you're going to continue then just read it and dun bitch in the comment box!

1. Stand Out Invites
Ok~ so the good thing is i got the invites and thus the pair of tickets that come with it. SO the event is going to be on 6th of June which is next Saturday. But~ FML! I am going to Malacca as planned like two weeks ahead and i had to totally MISSED out Stand Out! what turf~ And miss out meeting Kenny Sia, Ringo and Sweat Li too and now i am really sweating all about it lo~ And my old friend, Sammy is going too and it is rare la cause i have not seen her since the god knows when and isn't it wonderful that she still remembers me and we still actually contact each other!! I love you babe, if you're reading this.
Ok~ the point is I GOT INVITES BUT CAN'T GO!
I don't even bother to post the email picture here~ Sakit hati saja what turfff~

2. The Hotness
Can any day be hotter than today?? Can any day be more suey than today?? Can any day make me sweat more physically and mentally today??

3. Ba Zhang
On the not so suey note, i get to eat ba zhang which is dumpling this year! Just when i thought i wouldn't get any of the taste this year, my auntie suprised me when she said she "gour" around 50 of those mouth watering dumplings, though i am not great fans of them, i still love and savours them!
Any how any who, this delicacies are still Chinese specialty and nothing hinders me from liking Chinese foods~

4. Tempang
To those that don't know what is "tempang", it means crippled! And yes, i am crippled what turf, mentally and physically! I went swimming for two days in a row, intense one mind you and now i can't even sit with bended knees, and it needs to be stretch out and be in the way! Lol~
Crippled mentally cause i think i am starting to get lazy and still not in the study mood though a week had passed! But i did my tutorial already! But hell, i think text books needed lo~ fml~

* eh besttie, did you notice that Monday is English class??! Lol~ xp YEAY!!!
* sigh, i think text book needed la you all~ can i please PLAGERIZE~


samanthacje said...

Aww girl dont worry we'll def meet up sometime soon. :) Just have fun at Melaka kay I'll say hi to Kenny sia for you :D

Victoria said...

@Sammy!! hahahahaha!! okok ask him to go to my blog too! lolwtf!! meet u some day soon! T-T

fluotone said...

bak zhang~ me like mucho =)

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