Sunday, May 10, 2009



Hey!Been really too tired this few days cause it was so hot that i fell asleep every time i sit on the sofa. Now i have to pay back to my readers what turf. On Friday itself, was the best time ever. The first time in four months since i club and i met great people there too. Updates about it will be up within this few days cause incomplete pictures and i have no mood to blog about it, but whenever i think of the rewards it makes me all semangat again what turf! LOL~ So materialistic.

It's 10th of May today! Which means that today is Mother's Day! So happy mama day! And my plan did not work out to those that had read my previous post about how excited and how gung ho i was at the idea and the thought of it.

You probably has seen the picture above cause i have to reused it what turf cause my mum don't like having herself being shot/take picture because... erh.. seriously i don't know why!!! I LOVE to take pictures and my mom doesn't! Lol~ So today came and went without anything special, no outing to eat, no open presents cause i present mine way early. Aww, she is probably the ONLY mom that does not celebrate any special day. As a matter of fact, she is the one who does NOT want it, so if we do it we will get scoldings what turf! And when i thought of what she say that she clubs most of her time during her younger days, well, that made me had second thoughts!

Anyway, she is still my mum and nothing is going to change that reality, not even when the biggest meteorite hit Mother Earth and make us all KAPOOF!! I still come out from her!! Lol what turf! Even though she is a total noob with gadgets of any sort, does not cuddle us when ever we are sad, sometimes gets on our nerves, BUT HEY!! that's what mothers do! I love you mommy!!




fluotone said...

got to hand it to you.. our ah'ma's are still the best :) we've so to speak conformed to their requirements =.=! rofl

hopefully that meteorite comes soon and hey I thought back then clubs are referred to as Discotheque's or rather Disco's haha.. gotta love the 60's 70's era.. hippies were born :P

Victoria said...

Yea!! All hail Hippies! Lol~without them we will never ever have musics today! Instead, we will be hearing birds chirping lol what turf~!

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