Sunday, May 31, 2009

Low , Chin , Poh , Ding! <3


Oh finally it's the last day of May! Well, i may sound like i love seeing May 09' disappear, matter of fact is, I DON'T! Damn emo now ok~ Cause we are all going to be a day closer to July what turf! I hate July la~ To all July babies, I don't hate you i just hate the month that you were born! Lol what turf~

Now i realized, i don't take pictures and i got no pictures during weekends what turf so lifeless! I realized too that i only flash out the lens when i am with my peeps/bestties or what ever you call it. Damn sad can! I think my nephews are taking on the Camwhore-ring-ism too~ Like how mostly all of their aunties and uncles does!

Oh! Yesterday was awesome man! I took pictures! Yes! I remembered i took pictures with the other side of the family people that i don't know! The side of my cousin brother's wife. Yea, damn far punya relationship but what turh! This people is totally awesome! I would say not highly educated but still spells AWESOME on their forehead. Besides the free brunch, lolwhat turf, they gave me the experience of working in kopitiams, like as in where you all have you early morning dim sums punya kopitiams la~
And i FAIL! lol~ damn sad! Then they all laugh and advice me to study well well(lol xD) so that i don't end up like them working their butt off day and night, and so that i can sit in the air conditioned office working and get paid.
* secretly, i like working in kopitiams. Though i got no talent what turf like i care!

In a nut shell, i am very very the HAPPY and PROUD to have them, an addition to the Low, Chin and Poh family! So now it's Low, Chin, Poh and Ding!! Lol what turf~Like some Doraemon song!

Hm~ can't wait to go to college tomorrow because tomorrow i will have to travel all the way to Setapak just for that two hour tutorial class from Cheras! But it should be worth it because tomorrow is English class!! Yay! Or nay? what ever~
Till then people! Cheerios

*aiya, i damn gan cheong now, because tomorrow we will be in a different class. really am very eager to know how this new people behaves. please be likeable in my sight! Lol~


samanthacje said...

dont hate july because it's my bday month! wahaha

Victoria said...

@Sammy! hahahaha!!! see i said, not the people~i said month! hahaha~okok~ xD

fluotone said...

but why?

Victoria said...

what why floutone?

fluotone said...

why do you have so much hate for july? :p

Victoria said...

floutone, cause it is the month of ghost?hahahaha~i think so~whatever la and it embarks half year has gone and a year older~! sigh

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