Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So You Think You Have A Unique Name?


Think again people! Cause i used to think that i had the coolest name ever and it's so English that people tend to think that i am an ang moh(a white) mix blood chinese that got stranded in Malaysia. On top of that, with no chinese name to support that i AM chinese, things got worst to the level that people thought i was lying and try to be chinese. Another factor to further phychs me, I can speak no mandarin. A total "banana" they would say.*lesigh*

All the pride lasted till today when i saw that i am a police building name, a legal aid company name, a University name and much much more. This is, by the way, my call leads which this whole single piece contains nothing but only MY name! what turf which once i thought that i am so special! Lol~ And it actually feels weird to repeat the name of the place when the name of the place is the name of the caller??! You get my drift?! Lol~

My new lepak place whilst waiting for the mom to finish at 5p.m. This is where i get my tea break and a book reading session. This is behind UOA building and man, i have got to say, it's so cooling and non like the environment that you and i are sitting in, reading my post. The wind there is awesome, though i do not where the direction comes from. But got hell loads of smokers! what turf~ Spoil my new lepak place~ Lol~ And SUBWAY=MY NEW LOVE! xp

Mom's car got problem since like don't know when so we got the time today and went to fix it. Whenever my mum drives above 100km/h, the handwheels got really out of control and you can feel that it is swinging to one side. Prediction, alignment lari. Later on, i realized that her tires are so puffy that it got right out of the rims way too much and went to the shop again. Change the tires and see how it goes..

One week later, it came back here again. The foremen said that it needs wheel balancing. So no choice but to do it. There, is the wheel balancing machine which cost a fortune, says the men. How "a fortune" is his fortune but i am not sure but should be damn expensive cause not all the workshop afford to have this piece ofjunkbaby in their workshop.

This picture is funny if you're as wild thinking as i am. He looks like he is having a jolly "good time" with my mom's car's wheel!! Lol what turf! This wheel balancing thing is just using that machine and spin the wheel what turf and it cost rm30. Just like that! All done in 5 minutes and bye bye to RM 30. Now i want to be spinning wheels like him too! Lol~


Today is a boring but a fast bygone day. Nothing special butttt




Simon Seow said...

Ah, see ya that night.

Serge Norguard said...

and i'll see ya there as well

Voxy said...


HitoMi^^ said...

See yea too...

fluotone said...

I guess ur name victoria poh is pretty unique :) a search on fb reveals there's only a few like u hehe :p unless u have a name like victoria azarenka or something then u can expect for more i guess :P hehehe... so did that guy freak the living daylights out of the wheel of your moms car? lol! *suddenly i feel a moment of silence is needed in respect of what happend to the wheel/tyre* :P

Voxy said...

hitomi::sure! see ya there! *hugs*

Voxy said...

floutone::hahah thankx!so did ya add me??hope you did yo~ and yea~kecian the tyre..*on a serious note* the tyres are still not in good condition! how la?

fluotone said...

err.. perhaps I did or did not add you :p hehe.. There are many things that could be the problem driving at high speeds, alignment, the wheel arm, bent rims etc. easiest solution--dont drive so fast :)

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