Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sae-i Da-h Kh-won-Nd


After swimming and a quick one too and i realized how dark my eyebag are now! Shit! This is with no flash no makeup no photoshop(i dont btw), just a little help from the sunlight! Like SK II embracer what turf! I got one even worse!

I want to regrow my hair! Yeah! Behold people! You all have never see me in long hair which i think i look better in short, nevertheless, i want to embarrass myself having long hair and look like some China girl! Lol what turf.

I sprained my feet! Damn! No more dancing for the next month! T-T


I like what i did to the eyes today! Finally mastered the art of drawing eye liner! Lol~
And because i think i did good and i like it, i wish to annoy you all and let you all see again..

SEE!!! NICE RIGHT~! LOL~ please don't go boo and curse me for being vain! Cause i am born vain! Lol~ And see my flawless skin! Lol~ no photoshop no nothing no makeup, well except for the eyes part, no foundation no nothing! NADAH~ Yes, i damn proud of my skin!*beams*

Except for the eyebags! Lol what turf.!

Went to Sae Da Kwon at Sri Hartamas for Korea today cause it's nephew's birthday tomorrow!! AWW!! Incase you don't get how to read Sae Da Kwon nicely, let me teach! Bwahahah! Sae is said like how you say "say" but instead of ending with y which sounds "ay" you end with e which sounds "ei". Da is Da la what turf and Kwon is saying the word "won" with a major emphasize on the K and the "on". Which made it sounds like "Sae-i Da-h Kh-won-Nd" Lol! Get that? Lol~Moving on~

the menu which has Mandarin, i think print on it in which i don't know what it says. Tell me someone, or somebody or ANYBODY! I got puzzled due to the Chinese character! Sure this is some get-lost Korea restaurant! Lol~

the food. Eh, i eat like this at home too ok, nothing special what! And yes, if you're wondering, we had been eating the style of Korea at home. God knows why but i think some knows why! Lol what turf i am talking~

Ok seriously, this rice is nice! This is the Korea version of Beggar's Rice like how the Chinese had it but we eat this with KimChi! I love heck over heels in hell for KimChi man, i meant girls and anything between! Lol~ If only i know the art of preserving my own KimChi vege then i can live on those for the rest of my life! what turf~

And the rest of the food were all consumed by me cause i was so hungry and taking care of the two beloved nephew! Me first time being aunty ok what turf, must sayang them till i die! Hahaha~
Ok, now the Stand Out post! Sigh, how am i stand out to you people? Can you all tell me about it? Give me some ideas or even better, give me a small essay about it and i publish your link and name in my blog can? Lol~



Jeffro said...

Hmm how stand out are you? well first of all you're unbelievably nice.. she's cool..

not only does she laughs at me lame jokes and crappy stuffs, but she goes along with it.. being told that she may be a victim of my lameness at any given time, she said she doesnt mind at all.. Super nice right?

She's definitely a stand out!

=P *hugs*

Victoria said...

LOL AWW SO SWEET!!! Sure copy paste this! Lol*hugs*

samanthacje said...

you stand out because I'm your friend! one of your oldest friends, if i may say so.

Right victoria?

hahahahaha :D

Victoria said...

Sammy::Yes you surely are!^^*hugs* I miss you all la~bila yumcha? eh great post on the stand out! Lol~plan to go huh?

fluotone said...

How standout are you? you won't want to know hehe even thinking about is very exhaustive :p hehe..

Victoria said...


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