Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am Happy, Delighted, Filighted, Highlighted~


My mood swing real fast! I was so down and emo-ed most of the day and actually went to bed at 11.30p.m yesterday and hey, I am ay alrighty right today! In fact, nothing seemed to happened which boils my blood or just simply irritates me. No~ I did not yawn in the office today, i did not doze off, i did not sit and stare, i did not hesitate to call, i did not hesitate to go into the manager's room, and most importantly I got the mood to take pictures! Lol~

I got Goldilocks! She made me happy! She made me all sweet inside! She made me think of her instead of "him"! She is not Malaysian! She is yellow! She looks nice and all bubbly which made me smile! But she has the thing that i am allergy to, but still you "taste" awesome Goldilocks!
*a Philippine delicacy/specialty*

My new found love!! I am so ditching "you"! "You" don't appreciate me but Subway appreciates! So i chose Subway over "you"! "You" always wants me to be fat but Subway knows the real me and that I iz want to be thin or at least healthy. Lol what turf! Side Tracked!
*everyday is Subway! It rhymes what turf*

My ol's faithful crossword puzzle for kids aged 9 - 15 what turf and i still have not "finish" you up! Lol~Sorry for abandoning you cause i have no college so i don't need you what turf. But i realized how important are you towards me during my lunch time! You help me boost my slow and noob brain and make my "England" "Powderful"!! LOLROFLMAO~

A stress looking friend makes me happy!I iz evil! cause i iz borned that way! Muahahaha~ I try to do evil smile here but i iz fail! Lol~

I am so happy yesterday and i don't know why! Everything seemed to be coming up as one! And one more thing, i am very good at lying too! Actually i am not that happy after all! But like i said, i am good in lying! lol what turf~ Go figure!

p/s: i am happy for real cause i get to eat, sleep, work, income, friends~
p/p/s:can i remind you, I AM GOOD IN LYING! LOL~


fluotone said...

insane lunatic on the lose.. beware :p

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