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FOUR MORE DAYS! yes, four more days and i will be called as senior and marches to a level higher with more complicated stuffs to learn and i bet more differentiation of classes too which means i have to walk more as in last time is from A to J and now is from A to X! what turf~

As the new second year starts, i guess i won't be seeing much or maybe some of my course mates now cause we previously had 145++ students, but i went and check out my new timetable last night, the number differs to only 130++, what turf! And worst of all, my Group 5 got terminated what turf and i think we will be disperse into other group which is a good thing on my behalf cause i no want to face the same people for two whole years! Urrk~ that would be nothing more than utter bored-ness to the brim!

Well, that a bit of update on my college life if there are people wondering why the hell Vox online from morning to night, like 24 hours, no college meh? Ok, i am still on semester break which will end on the 24th of May. In case you all forget and wants to leave a comment asking what am i majoring, well, i am majoring E-COMMERCE AND MARKETING. If you don't know what is that then kindly drop a comment and i will answer you cause i know how to answer professionally already now what turf! xp

I know i had abandon my Project 365 again but i promise a good post ahead as soon as i get the pictures from Flyguy, that is if he send today!*beepbeep*
So what i had been up to huh? Let's see.. I went out with Nuffnangers on Tuesday and was so tired, thus the abandon blog. Yesterday, i was at home the whole day trying to find suppliers for my growing interest on clothes, nail art and stickers. and YES, i am going to open a BLOGSHOP!*yeay yipee* But i think the things are mainly for girls, so guys, so sorry yea BUT BUT BUT, if i get my stock from Hong Kong from cousin sister, then wala, you all can get nice chio HK style and i give discount what turf! Lol~

The blogshop is still under renovation what turf cause i can't find good suppliers yet AND any i made my shop available for anyone who wants to "tumpang" my shop to sell their things. NOT F.O.C ok~ But i will charge reasonably, no worries! So start submitting your queries now, you can submit here since that shop under renovation!xp

Besides the lust for shopping, money and continualy addicted to the Internet, i had start my revision on my resit papers! Yes, my college mate peeps, if you're reading this, i had STARTED revising! And no, this is still the same Victoria, no worries, just that the boredom of sitting home alone with four cornered walls changed the hormones of studying A BIT. I miss notes, papers, my colorful printed notes, my notepads, my piles of papers during breaks and god knows why! But when college reopens, i nag and sing song on how i want holidays! what turf i tell you! Is it just me or EVERYBODY does that too?

*shit, have to memorize my html code again, i forgot! damn*

Got Business Law for this year! Omg! I used to love Laws and stuff though i don't abide to them but i feel a sense of superiority if i know the laws of business so when i go to the shopping mall i can blab on how this thing's packaging should be, how the people should treat customers and how efficient they should be to keep customers and etc! Lol~ so vain right!

Wait, i go check again what Units i got, i know i got English! Yeay! Another A for this year! Wee~
*at TARC website*

AACS2733 Introduction to E-Commerce Mr. Leong Kean Lum (L) 1-4
(2L + 1T ) (2DIN/2DEM)

ABDM3243 Business Communication Ms. Anura (L) 1-4
(2L + 1.5L ) ( 2DEM/ 2DMK/ HR/ RM )

ABBL3074 Business & Cyber Law Mr. Lim Eng Hoe (L) 1-4

ABDT2043 Fundamentals of Marketing Ms. Ooi Mee Leing (L) (Wk8-14) 1-4
(2L + 1T ) ( 2DEM/ 2DMK/2DRM ) Ms. Wong Sheau Wei (L) (Wk1-7) 1-4

ABDT3133 Web Design for Marketing Ms. Soh Yen Lu (L) 1-4
(2L + 2T )

AELE3063 English for Business Mr. Edwin Soo 1-4
(3T )
*the red ones are my unit and the blue ones are the lecturer and tutor and some one enlighten who are the lecturers? cause i know some and don't know all what turf*

And*erhem*see the WEB DESIGN for MARKETING, i am a total noob on this so can anyone give me some tips, or maybe which website i should check out before going to college. cause i want to go with the "cheh, i know already" face!! Lol what turf...

Yes, another one, cause i think alot myself what turf~
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