Monday, May 11, 2009

Cakey Chocoky!


Hey people! I am still not yet asleep but i am sweating like nobody's business cause it is so hot here what turf! I think the degree must be like 18739 degree Celsius here! I has then develop rashes due to this kind of weather and my friend said that i am a baby what turf cause only babies develop rashes, they say! How atrocious to say that! Hey i am human skin too and so is babies.

So i was rummaging through my memory card of pictures and i saw this pictures that i took the other day, something that i once hated so much that i ran and hide under tables whenever my mom tries to feed me with it, something that looks like shit color but people adores it and eats it raw too, something that is called COCOA.
I am milk intolerant and i just hate the smell of Milo, which i categorized as cocoa/chocolate. But as i grew older and i tasted chocolate, i instantly feel in love with it! I could then eat three big bars in one hour what turf!

As i was walking around Times Square to pass time, i saw this event which i actually know it was going to be there cause there were flyers and banners everywhere. That event is some Cocoa Display/Event. I was not interested at all but i heard Chef Wan's voice! what turf! he is like my ultimate favorite cook guru! Lol~

This is my fav among all! Dont you just feel like poking you hand to it and grab a whole of it and go "NOM NOM NOM"! lol~

this is kinda scary! all crawly and all! nevertheless, very fine artwork!

Now! This is second to my liking but i would very much prefer to have this for my birthday/wedding/just to eat cause i am Mysterious! Lol what turf!

seriously! i HATE this the most and it got first prize!! whadda! it looks like the made super small cupcake sized cakes which made them have much much more to do(stupid)and they just stack it up the plate-coated choco. Nothing special wert!!!

Thia is soo nice!!! We aren't allowed to touch it so i cant reassures that the butterfly is handmade or just a ornament stuck onto a cake but if it is fake then knnbccb!! If not, then this is awesome!

And he comes the best! Lol~

Anyone wants the teddy?
I sure do cause its so darn cute!


Fumoffu said...

That teddy is made of chocolate or is a real plush toy?

Victoria said...

Fumo""Its a real plushie! Lol~for deco purposes

inkish27 said...

the only reasons those cupcakes wins is becoz it is the only 1 that looks like we can actually eat it... i think la..

the masquerade 1 looks awesome! (and scary)

Seraph said...

i like the masquerade one =D pretty =D

Victoria said...

Ink::yea it is awesome! the masquerade!

Sam::yea!!! my fav too!! omg!! thts why i say i rather choose the masquerade cake! ^^

Yi Ling said...

omg omg omg. super cute! AHHHHHHHHH ><

Victoria said...

YiLing:::omg you're here!!! and yes they are cute!!*huggies*

fluotone said...

all of them looks spectacularly good.. yeah NOM NOM's are the thoughts that exactly crossed my mind. Now if only teddy was made of choc... hmm.. and noted that you're cocoa intolerant :p hehe

Victoria said...

Floutone::hey, yea non is that spectacular that makes me wna stare at it but good enuf and hey, i eat cocoa now! LOL

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