Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bestties!!


Since are all on a diet mode cause we are way too fat what turf so we decided to spend the three hour break session to go swimming in college. So we were all so hyped up cause it had been ages since we last swam together gether and i was kinda want to show to them that "Hey! i can swim too now and i dare to go to the deep deep side there!!"
All geared up and we braced ourselves to walk under the hot scorching sun and did not care that we sweat cause the thought of jumping into the cool water made it all worth the while.
Alas, we went in and saw that the whole board is filled with the word CLOSE! What turf!! Terus potong stim!

No choice, we went and invade people's lecture for the sake of air con! Fml~ cause both of them wore skirts like damn short so they will never ever be allowed into the library! xp

The Sleeping Queen!
She is one of my besttie and she has this super super beh ta han attitude! Lol~ and is that she sleeps in all lectures but still get better results than me, even though i do sleep right after she sleep! Lol ftw~
To guys, even though you see her with a ring, nevertheless, she is single!*winks*

a shot of me with the Queen and me with my chao lau peh phone!
she woke up having the wonderful feeling to camwhore! xp

and so it begun!
see!! her phone takes nicer pictures! but i think the pixel smaller is it? cause her photos when all sent to my phone, it turns out to be smaller in size compared to mine!
We are the more outgoing compared to another besttie of mine which is the sweet kind, so we are smilling here~

and acting dulan here!! LOL!
Fail la you Langsuir, take picture also can see 1/4th your face only! Lol~

Nevertheless, you girls rock my world, my shoes, my socks and my tummy what turf with all your sportiness and all the jokes that we share about! ^^
I love you both! and am sure going to miss you lo, Jagung Barn Yang Kena Bakar..
*sigh if you know what i mean*

* we went swimming anyway at 3 which is our OWN lecture! fml! we went to other people's lecture and listen but we skipped ours!! Lol~
* when we were in the first lecture, the lecturer is so funny! he said, "Actually hor, i got alot of things hor, i duno how to say in words wan leh~" LOL! And Singapore is pronounced as "Sing-gah-pore" by him! Hahaha~
* And law class i feel is so awesome! I regretted not going to law class! what turf~


inkish27 said...

man... ur kawan got such a chun hair! XD Looks wicked!

>< short skirts can't enter library? wht the?
providing too much distraction? ^^

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