Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Total Insanity


First day back in college and i sat in the canteen and waited for 6 freaking hours for that one and half hour lecture what turf. Nevertheless, i am back to my old self again, cause my old self like to sit in that hot hot canteen and keep staring and head-analyze people what turf and secretly guessing where they buy their clothes from, why the heck they have nice hair, why they had fugly looking hair and why that girl so damn thin but eat so much wor what turf! Lol~

I saw loads of my junior, i will call them junior from now on cause i braced the stupidity of that college and i am like so geng now what turf! xp BUT~ They did not see me cause i am a five feet person and i am sitting down so i am like hiding among bush like that wtf~= s
Waited waited and waited and got caught by besttie Ame cause i was reading messages and smiling alone myself! ROFLMAO! I used to sound people a lot about that cause they look stupid what turf smiling smiling like that while reading and replying messages but i did not realized that i does that too!! Omg! I stupidified too!! Lol~

Anyways, saw both besttie and we are still that besttie kinda mode like that what turf and we SHALL BE besttie for LIFE!! YEAY! BUT BUT BUT~~ I IZ HATE THEM NOW LOOO~
They have new hair styles and i am still with my this cendawan matang habis like that hair style what turf!! = s

in case you forgot how my cendawan matang habis look hair wtf!

Ame got her Jagung hair and Yong En got her Langsuir hair!! Pictures tomorrow cause i will definitely ask them to take pictures! Ha ha ha~ That's all for today! Love you all!!


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