Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Fetish!


Hey there! I know, i abandon blog sphere again. I was really busy through out the whole week, well, it seemed like i MADE myself busy but obviously i got time to go online the whole day reading, watching dramas, surfing the net and organizing my blog shop. Which made me busy and occupied my one whole day time.

Today is the starting of my year two which made me very excited even my heart is skipping a beat while i am typing this. I don't know why but since i was young, first day of school made me nervous, as in nervous happy what turf! Weird right? I guess i am just excited to go back to college and hope to see every one has gone fatter or fairer or more prosperous what turf and then bitch about what has happen through out the month! Lol~

Yesterday, i was on book fever/fetish/craze/whatever you call it again! Omg! I am now seriously officially damn broke! I did not know what went into me but the next thing i know is i start to grab whatever book that caught my attention, paid for it and then head on to the next book store!what turf~
Ok~ So the first stop is this some kind of book bazaar which they had hell loads of old book which are in very fine condition and i spent like 2 hours there browsing through all of it and getting what author i initially planned to read on months ago but was too broke then.

Was kinda disappointed cause i get three books only what turf and after a 2 hour searching i could only find ONE Stephen King's book! That was the author i planned to get my hands on all of his collection! My god! The bazaar only got ONE!! ONEEEE~ So people, if there are any book bazaar please tell me~

ROOM 1408
Movie Buffs will definitely know that there was a movie on this.
Currently on page 50+, and i am still liking it! Stephen King's book is awesome man!

I don't know this author and i don't think is a famous one too but i like the summary behind and it is all about how a woman live through her days being sexually and mentally abused and there is no one for her.
I have not start reading yet but am crossing my fingers and hope it to be as good as Adeline Yen Mah's books cause i like to read about other people's suffering what turf! xp

Ok, this book is really nonsensical and this author which is also not an author but a publisher takes in real sucky and unreal horror story which i don't find it horrorful what turf but this book actually lullabies me to sleep. The reason i bought it cause i had read the entire whole collection of this book while i wait for my mum in Borders everyday after college but i just couldn't find this chapter so i thought that this must be real dirt good that they tak sempat stock in what turf.
Secondly, it was dirt cheap la~ I think this is MYR5 only.
(pst, the whole collection is a waste of money! i wonder why i even read it)

Then i head on down to Borders. And i start buying again! what turf~

This is actually the second time buying this. You asked why? I once lend the older one to a friend and it was never returned to me but i like the story so much that i decided to buy it again.sigh~
(MYR 35.90)
Real good i tell you! Really touching ok~ Please don't disowned your OKU child if(choi)you ever bear one. cause they are God's creation too~

this is the second author i planned to read on her books, none other than JODI PICOULT.

On page 40 something now and i thought of laying this off for awhile cause it is getting kinda bored and mushy.
(MYR 33.50)

This is good! I recommend to all! I read this half way on a friend's book but i was too shy to lend it for so long so i returned it and said that i finished it in which i have not so i bought it now to reread again! yeay!
(MYR 33.50)

This i have no idea but the cover looks nice right?! Lol~
(MYR 34.50)

I seriously want to knock my own head off for buying so many books seeing that college has started and i certainly have no time for leisure reading and if there were, it would be me reading up my unit's notes and resit papers! Lol~ But i am on ROOM 1408 anyway, that is best!

Don't even bother counting the total i spent on books yesterday cause when i open my purse and screamed into it, i can hear echo what turf! xp


fluotone said...

wow Jodi Picoult, heard the author is really good :) enjoy reading!
where'd you buy all these good books btw?

Jeffro said...

@.@ imma allergic to books..
everytime i read one, i yawn!

Jacob Yap said...

Cool, but I doesn't like to read >_<

Victoria said...

Hey floutone!!ure back!! ^^ hm~my fav spots are Midvalley's MPH, Times Square's Borders and KLCC's Kinokuniya.^^

@Jeffro::LOL~u lazy!! hahaha~

@Jacob::why??reading is shiok and good! hahahaha

samanthacje said...

mercy and the tenth circle I've read and they're good! i really love jodi picoult :)

Victoria said...

@Sammie:Oh really???!Yeay!Jodi is an awesome writer!!!

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