Friday, May 29, 2009

Of Rushings And Life~


Ok, this is an outdated post but what the hell, only pictures of my friend's newly done hair which made me into a sour pot and still am envious now!

Her Jagung-farm-blown hair which can only be seen if taken on this angle what turf! But nice!

Her straight langsuir hair! Lol~

And my overly mature cendawan looking hair fml!! xp


Was suppose to have class till 6.30 p.m but we scooted off cause had something to do and yes, i am lazy to explain in words so only pictures~
Pst, someone went dating so the both of us went makan~

US!! ^^

the place, Tai Zhi something something~ Oh well, this is near by UCSI Connaught.
*pst, the chair so cute and it looks like it grabs ur butt if u sit on it!*

*will be very very busy next week onwards with loads of assignments, catching up and slowing down to breathe
*changed to a new class, with new people, new attitude new faces, everything new and i am going to love it and will not miss the past. to hell with you all!
*feel dreadfully sleepy now hence the short notes instead of loads of writting, so no worries, i am still me, as long winded as ever~



wayeyoung said...

eh laaa. your hair not cendawan la :)

Victoria said...

@Waye, then what is it??

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