Monday, May 18, 2009

Facts Facts Facts


My first day of not working and my plans to work out during this one whole week backfired! what turf and on the first day it self! Lol~

Yes, even though i woke up like so damn early, having in mind that waking up early gives me more time to organized my routines, example, wake up brush teeth go online awhile then work out then bath then eat lunch then continue online but up to now which is 3.30p.m, i had only managed to complete ONLINE! what turf i tell you, if i continue procrastinating to work out, i will be as fat as a pig and can't never enter the front door what turf and pigs will then feel so better cause i might be fatter than them too!*sigh* Facts of Victoria no.1: Damn lazy and super good in procrastinating.

Although i had been online since this wickedly cold morning till now and will DEFINITELY till tonight, all i did was Restaurant City, Facebook-ed, being nosy by reading blogs and now this post while waiting for my Korea drama to load what turf, load so damn knn long! Seriously, i don't know what do the other people surf/do when they online cause they can online longer hours or prolly days than me and they could find all sorts of things to see, hear, and laugh at. Eh people, don't be stingy and share la can?! I tell you my interest then you all tell me what i can find through net, ok bo?
Here goes, as for sports, i like volleyball, basketball, swimming, kayak, badminton, bowling, futsal, football, paintball, absail, walks and jogs etc. As for hobby, i like to DANCE only, reading also i like, music too.. ok that is probably the three of my hobbies that i totally dig this days. Ok, i like playing easy games, online games now, totally boring of warcraft games. What i want to do most now is to hit the mall and the cinemas! I GOT HELL LOT OF SHOW I HAVE NOT WATCH OK!Facts about Victoria no.2: obviously she stays at home a lot cause no money what turf. LOL

I had then now finally come to realization that i am single and you all had been deceived by my status in my Facebook! Lol~ I was then blinded and emo-fied for quite some time due to unwanted circumstances that just had to push it's way towards my weak soul what turf and now dumped me on the stairs of Twilight leaving me restless and senseless!! Lol~ and i am also here to tell you that, ignoring Victoria is a damn hell bliss! Moving on~
Facts of Victoria no.3: she jumps from one topic to another topic which is totally irrelated and will irritate the shit out of you.

I am actually planning to have my own blogshop but i fail to find wholesalers of nail art what turf. Got la, but all from Japan! I forgot all my Japanese la kns! And i laughed my ass off last night when i was trying to figure out what the translated page of the Japanese website was saying and another realization, Japanese people SUCKS in english!Fuu~ Luckily i have great command of English and my grammar ain't that bad.*straigthens shirt* And my nails are so long now that it is really hard for me to type cause my nails kept getting stuck in between keyboards and i have to go "ouch" and dig it out what turf lo~ But i like!! Lol~sounds so wrong.
Facts of Victoria no.4: she forgots her Japanese and she love her nails more than her life!

I will still faint at the smell of coffee! I hate coffee! But my brother is like sitting right beside me sipping his smelly coffee! what turf, go drink somewhere else la~*shifts lappie to room*Ah~ better! But so hot! My room no air-cond what turf!*lesigh*
Facts of Victoria no.5: she hates coffee and if you give it to her, she will pour it down your anal!LOL~

Besides blogging, i am now still going gaga and aww on the pictures that Mike took on a few Nuffnangers. Wait i go see see the pictures... and here are some of my favorite and no i am not tumpang-ing Mike's photo for glamour and ALL CREDITS TO MIKE FOR THIS PICTURES WHICH I LIKE SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO POST IT HERE.

*damn poser*

fuu~i like this the BEST!
Actually i still have a lot that i like cause this three are like born to be shoot at! Lol~ ok so go feast your eyes here. Facts of Victoria no.*i lost count*6: she totally digs photography.

*peeks at vids*
Ok, finish loading so i am going to go nap awhile then watch! lol~ Bye all for now~


fluotone said...

oh my goodness. this post was hilarious! it ALMOST make me burst into a slight tinge of laughter. Esp that pouring coffee thingy. I'm thinking that your brother must be in a very difficult situation :p hehehe.. nevertheless strong coffee scents make me feel nauseous, so have fun err anal-ing! WTFF~

ps: Ying Zi looks like she's ready to kill =) You go girl!

Victoria said...

Floutone::heyhey!!! You're back! Lol~that just example but u had a great laugh, so yea!

And yes, YingZi is great!

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