Sunday, March 1, 2009

Make It Quick

let's do a short post before i will have no time to even have a peek at my laptop. as some of you would know, my laptop has been tattooed! what turf~ so i think i will send my 'hubby' to my cousin for a thorough check up and also do loads of upgrading meant for my college activities. i will be expecting at least 2 web page design assignment(i am crazy i know), 1 assignment needing me to do sales/prolly a campaign through internet or things like that... ARRGH~ since i have not started the semester yet so i actually have no idea of what to expect but i hope more hands on activity and less on the theories, theories KILLS PEOPLE!

so after a 5 long hauling week of holidays not doing much in house and certainly not doing much except for talking the whole day in office, i am actually very happy to know that i am finally getting my life back and moving on. all the things that had been done and irreversible has already been wiped outta my mind and i would love it if everybody does and let start anew. but if you still wanna hold onto grudges towards me.., then LET'S BRING IT ON!! RAWRR~
been praying earnestly before and after my 2nd semester exam that i will get more than 2.5cgpa. yea, if you were thinking why am i aiming for such a low result, that is because i failed the two most important subject on the first semester so i don't dare to hope for more lest i epic failed, then i am sure to be darn disappointed and might drop off from study. cause i don't want to waste money.

*prays to God even right now*

i am actually bloody laughing at myself now. like as in alone, sitting here infront of thy 'hubby' smilling, alone. no! am not crazy, no worries, but i was just thinking, what if i forgot the way to the subway? what if i forgot that the fare was RM2.30 instead of RM1.30? what if i forgot that i need to stand behind the yellow line and not be awe struck by the ramai-ness that are using public transport now adays?! what if i forgot my most effective way to push people outta the way and i get pushed instead!? what if i slept outta tired-ness in the train and i missed my stop?!
*AARRGH!!** pulls hair!*
for people that know me well, i am an epic failure in recognizing road, even though i use it every single effing day passed by it gazillion times a day, still i will go 'where the heck am i??!' *dush*

that was one of the things that is running and teasing me in my mind now. and there are many many more, knowing how ubberly paranoid at things and people around me at times. haix~ some times the over-bursting of self confidence thingy just doesn't burst out! roflmao~xp

eh eh eh, Lame King, if you are reading this(you know who you are), i missed messaging you eh! my phone no credit! what turf! i will *massage u* more when i got the credit to do so!! rofl!xp

ok, the more i am here now, the more things i would want to think about after disappearing one month from the midst of my friend, from the type of clothes that i should wear tomorrow to the things that i should talk to them, now that we have not even contact each other for one whole month. *flipping through timetable*
@@ oh~ yea~i am going to have one male lecturer this semester, outta the 3 units! yea~ please, dont be the super non chio and kolot thinking uncle~


Jeffro said...

hahaha.. tau tau saje i am reading it XD.. Ooo, no wonder la you hardly msg ady.. go quickly top up.. hahaha *winks*

btw, what web page you doing? just a single page on it's own? or multiple pages linked together?

*pats back* being MIA in a long while isn't that all bad.. gives us all time to miss ya.. XD

Voxy said...

@Jeffro:: LOL~roflmao!actually was just betting to see whether you come online daily or not.seeing this, i think i won the bet! ahaha~YOU STALKER YOU!


should be a single page web page cause he said simple ones.

LOL~miss my bisingness leh?! LOL~

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. well so happen i came online today and visited only.. =D Hmmm.. not bad, at least you earned yourself a stalker ei? *winks*

oh single page.. then should be ok la.. =D

yea lor.. the bising-ness, the random-ness, the Voxy-ness.. roflmao~!

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::you're here again! you're here(online)everyday but main MIA.pfft~

yea.. SHOULD BE OK~*snickers*
of not ok then you cham lo~ LOL~


Jeffro said...

lol.. im not here everyday.. im around.. when im free i just go round and round, to entertain myself.. nothing's going on with my main, so MIA there.. =D

hahaha.. well single page isn't that hard at all.. whatcha working on? html? xml? asp? php? jsp? (simply whacking all the styles i heard of)

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::lol~Lame King! now is Too Free King! lol~

hope so la~hehehe~
ROFLMAO! main cakap aje~but memang got all those shits la

Jeffro said...

where got Free? tomorrow again I've to start me hard work.. T_T

woah, got all those shit? OMG.. I'll be the first one to see such complicated page! O_O

Voxy said...

@Jeffro:: work??@@ tak payah belajar ka?

Jeffro said...

studies = work
work (for now) = studies..
don't make a difference also.. ^^

Voxy said...


Jeffro said...

lol.. what's to be blurred?
my studies are like work..
at the same time I do have my own work also.. =D

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