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28/02/2009 - ONLY 4 YEARS ONCE!

this is the day! the long awaited day. the 4 years of waiting for this day! so i would very love to dedicate this special day to my neighbour's daughter as today is her 4-years-once birthday!


i will leave that dedication good celebration later and i would want to cerita about my day today! hehe~ always me first! FIRST~~roflmao!
arrgh~ today i did not get to swim with my nephews! cause my darlings slept late and they cant wake up this morning when i went and wake them up. so i make them milk and small brekkie so that when they get up they could have a nice and hearty brekkie since their mummy is away in India working. so pitiful my little darlings!
but but but they said to me when they woke up, 'Pretty yi~ Mummy coming back tonight so you no need make breakfast for us already. thank you pretty yi!'


me after a swim while waiting for darlings to get ready for me to bring them down for a swim.

they put on a sad crying face when i said i had gone swimming while you all were asleep! and Yuan darling said, 'why i did not see you?' and Han darling said, 'Pretty yi, i want to swim.'
aww so what the heck! dress them all up for the short swim and see how happy they was!

Yuan quickly grab his dad's towel and was jumping up and down beside me! monkey
and that lady is my aunty, their grandma.

while waiting, i realized how develop waste land is Menjalara now adays! so many new houses and many many more coming up!

then we hurried down and teman-ed my darlings for a quick swim play water.

okok~back to my dedication! vain pot
ouh, before that, me and mummy went out for a quick shopping for grocery and prezzie for birthday girl! and i saw this!

some freaking big and mutatedly luscious looking orange and the price seems like a pain in the arse too, rm2.00++! fuah! faints

okok~this time for real, THY DEDICATION~
we were invited to come over at 5p.m but since they stayed right beside, we went around 5.30 p.m and still they have not even budge a thing except for the busy-ness preparations of the foods.

birthday girl's friends

birthday girl's sister's friends! what the heck

i really don't like this kind of attitude, cause it is your sister's 4 years-once birthday and you invited your friends over for no reason and you sit there and chat and care the heck for your sister. ok what turf~moving on~
finally, the started it off with a syukur(give thanks)prayer and a blessing prayer for the STAR OF THE DAY.

sorry lauya phone
praying in front of the cake.

her mom self made a Moist Choco cake for her and it tasted WUU LALAA~~^^ i love moist choco cake! but fat unhealthy!

attemption to light of the candles but i think the lighter has no more gas so everyone was like @@

then it got really really hot being inside her house with almost 50++ people and she is so electricity saver stingy that she did not even turn on the fan! faints. so i went out and sat near the food. and take pictures lo! lol

the ramai-ness of people represented by shoes and there are actually more but my phone captured like half of the big thing.

it took them a really really long time to light up the candles and i was on my second cup of drink while i am sitting outside camwhoring. pathetic

FINALLY!! ALL DONE and for the picture of the day.
this lady is a camwhoring expert i tell you! the moment she is here, she never stop flashing her bright N70 flash at everyone!

this uncle got really bored and start the 'mission' of popping up all the ballons behind that is meant for decoration! what turf leh~ lol~and this uncle is the birthday girl's uncle party popper.

after all set and done,


and everyone must be very hungry cause all went and swarm the whole table.
but when i flashed my phone, all back away and left with...

this no-fashion-sense kiddo! roflmao! she must be so darn hungry that she did not notice this!

after all people finish grabbing taking their help of food, i went and grab mine too! roflmao! and mummy's too~ see, im so so filial! ahaha~slapself

the kuihs. and it tasted ok no taste

ah!! the long awaited to eat Moist Choco cakey!! see the moist-ness of the choco!

with flash!
see!!! i am still having the taste of this mentally while i am bloggin about this!
so people*erhem*~xp remember 2nd Sept! xp

and Bee Hon.
i love this mee but not if it is cooked by my neighbour~ hehe~she cant really cook so~~xp

i went in for a quick peek in the kitchen and there are more foods!!!

went out and continued paparazing everyone! lol~

the ramai-ness~

the table drinks.

and i found out why is there so many mosquitoes in my house!!! what turfff!!! see la~ she have so many plants and i doubt that she even care for all this!
*piaks mosquitoes*
even when i am blogging now! *piak*

and the star itself!
me with syaqi.
please don't focus on my fart face cause i just woke up and am freaking tired cause swimming and hehe~xp

everything still very much on the go when me and mummy decided to cross the road back to our home and we don't leave empty handed! roflmao~now we sound so greedy! they have gifts for us! oh wee~~

dadih*jelly*, sweets and the pathetic Bee Hon.





Jeffro said...

Hmmm.. i thought every year has 28th of February?? shouldn't it be 29th of February that comes once in 4 years??

or maybe im just blur xD

Voxy said...

really??omg!! i am not sure... cause my mum said 'lets just layan her birthday la since 4 years once ny'!!


Jeffro said...

O_O are you a part of this world?
lol.. go check out for leap years.. last year had 29th feb, this year only 28th feb.. hahaha xD

Voxy said...

@jeffro::omg!!!! i feel so freaking embarrased now!!!! what turfff!! and i think i saw a guy who sees my blog and he too blog about 4 years once! lol what turff~

and no, im too cute to be part of this world! ROFLMAO!!

Jeffro said...

LOL.. blog about 4 years once? the same like you?? wootza~!

Hmmm.. *massages Voxy* Now you're just cute to be part of this world.. LOL!

Jeffro said...
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