Wednesday, February 4, 2009


what is wrong with blogspot today? i cant even enter to my own blog and NN is needless to say. why today so lag? i am now so bored because it has always been my duty to stalk people's blog early in the morning and help them up ratings! ngehehe~ but today i cant even log into mine! owh what turf! so dang bored now.

nothing to blog about actually but i was thinking of changing my header picture! and i want to pimp my own header but i do not know how! anyone~please help me out and guide me! thankx!
now i am going to go try again whether has the system fully recovered and if not, ahh~ what turf! il just go pimp my hp instead! lolx~
my poor hp, that day i bejeweled 'him' and it turned out not nice! what turf!
and remember how i said i want to reduce myself what turf-ing way too much in blog?~seems like i have to cancel that off! ahahaah~cause i just can stop what turf! is has been like a friggin lingo now and this is a fugly word but what the heck! everyone is using it and now there is ftw, fuck the waffle samo! lolx~
*so kecian the waffle*
*m not going to eat another waffle*


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