Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Have To Let That Go

aww.. it's going to be a rainy day again today!! what turffff~pffttt.. yet another jogging day ruined, all my efforts that i managed to keep all washed down the drain due to rainy season. oh but then again, guessed that God asked me no need to exercise la!! lol xp what turf la~*slaps self*

what day is it again for today?? i forgot all about the world around me except for the internet-ing and sms-ing.. i think this week is the second week of my one month++ holiday. yea~ got++ because i also don't exactly how long is my holiday. but the one month is for sure la~
and i woke up quite late, later than usual. i woke up at 9 today.
and i missed a phone call! darn it! not just any phone call but a job opportunity call! what turf what turf what turf...
but not to worry, luckily my hp still got credit so i phoned them back and kept avoiding my sleepy sound to try to sound like i am actually a very very early bird and i work hard and not lazy. lolx~

the call was actually from a church member that works in a traveling agency company. her company does jobs like finding tourist and a tour guide for them and they also handle the place for the tourist to go. not only they handle within Malaysia, but Asia. so if you're a tour guide with them, you can very very have the possibility to guide Malaysians to tour Japan! wee.. of course you need to learn their language before hand and you have to go take test and passed it and have certificate of Tour Guide.
but.. they job offered to me was a clerical thing la, cause obviously i have not taken the tour guide test but am going too.. so cheerios for me! imma now waiting for my friend to finish up her course then i will take it with her.
and am nervous about it. cause i have TOTALLY NO IDEA how the test is going to be!! prolly they are going to ask super duper dupery loads of questions about countries around the world.! @@ i failed Geo!! lol what turf~

okok~so i was offered this clerical job for this traveling agency. and their office is situated at Ampang. @@ A.M.P.A.N.G! and i am at C.H.E.R.A.S. okok~am not going to exagarate, it is actually near la nearer than me going to college like half journey buttt... taking public transport would be very troublesome. have to take taxi samo!! what turf! hell no am i going into any stranger's car and have to pay them some more~ wakau~
and the pay was quite good, and the aunty has been very very kind enough to accept me for one month but she say if i am ok with it after the one month and i had the time i could continue as part timer! seeeeee~~ what a good job opportunity right??? in this midst of world crisis! and i had to PAINFULLY DECLINE it. please slap me!! emo.emo.emo.emo.emo...

just because i have no car and i don't know how to go there!!!! *hits head on wall*

okok~~i emo already~
kudos people!!

p/s:i love traveling and guiding tour was and had been one of the dream job that i want to fulfill and do.
p/p/s: i just had too many dream job and all has story behind it. prolly going to blog about that in the next post!^^


Yi Ling said...

dont emo k! got me got me =)

Voxy said...

hey besttie!! hahaha~thx~
srsly i really regret but cant do a thing la haix~
nvrm lo~~

vialentino said...

hey vox, how r u doing lately?

Voxy said...

hm~like i said having my one month holiday so just stay at house lur..
wanted a job bt cant find any that suits me. lol~

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