Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burn Fats started!

went to Bandar Sri Damansara today which is like super far to where i am staying and i am staying at Cheras. come on people, KL-ians, tell me it is far! and ask me why i go there!
*waiting waiting waiting*
*urrggh, tak boleh tahan already*
and so i must tell! ngehehe! and it has been like a routine, whenever there is a big occasion involving lotsa good foods and you all know how we cant resist it and the more we do, the more we are so ever tempted to get our hands on it!*yumm~ba kua~* sidetracked! earth to Victoria!
like i said, during CNY, we glutton like nobody's business, like there is no tomorrow, like there is no more food, owh, you know what i meant*winks*and after that, here, starts all the dieting.

to all the post that we stalk, we will either see CNY gathering and then followed with 'i want to diet' and things like that! lolx~ mine is no exception! and here, this is going to be the post of ' i want to diet'!
continuation of me being at Damansara....
i was there just to swim.
and not any other normal swim swim day, this is the swim that i thought would help me lose a few kilos. *laugh histerically*
then my mum said, as if rome is built in just a day! as if you were born yesterday! as if newton figured it out in a day! and all those as if la~ what turf!
in a nut shell, today swimming brings nothing.. meaningless.. just to cheer self up, 'swimming today makes me healthy what!' what turf!ngehehe~

right after swimming supposingly no consuming food for at least 2 hours but i was so dang hungry so we went and to this nothing special looking shop but the food was like fulllaaamaaakkkk! which means makewayforfatstoenter!!! what turf!=.=

my Ipoh Hor Fun + kai shi + wantan.
and it taste.. undescriable! nice la

and then went to my friends house and spent the whole entire evening there watching Travel & Living! lolx~
not that i sua ku at Astro but i just missed it because my mum took down my house Astro because my brother always sticks his butt there and just wouldn't budge off to go study.
even kampung house got Astro leh! what turf! and i had only normal tv! shyt!

thanks to Streamyx! although you are shitty, but better than nothing kan?

I miss this two budaks!!

and BOOYAH!! ^^ =P


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